Monday, August 27, 2012

A Ladybug Girl Party

Still playing catch up...the kids have been sick, etc.    But wanted to share a few from Skye's 2nd birthday!  We kept it small...but it was fun! 
We had Ladybugs as the theme...because she LOVES Ladybug Girl.
Asia made this sign for her sister.  :)
The birthday girl is sooo NOT a morning person...  But she requested pancakes...
All ready for some cake and ice cream!
She actually wasn't impressed with the candles.
Loving the chocolate cupcakes.
Out for a family walk.
Showing off her ladybug girl doll.
One of her favorite things to do...btw...Brian is NOT holding on.  :) 
Another favorite.
Yay...for new Ladybug Girl books...
She however, was NOT impressed with being dressed up like Ladybug Girl. 
Playing with her birthday loot...Minnie Mouse, a horse and Ladybug Girl.
Now, she keeps asking me if it's her birthday again.  :)

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