Friday, August 31, 2012

3:40 AM

It's 3:40 AM. Do you know where your missionaries are?

Well, this morning, my alarm went off at 3:40. As I stumbled out of bed, trying to wipe the sleep out of my protesting brain and body, it was hard to know if what I was doing was worthwhile.

Fortunately, I had cold coffee in the fridge prepared ahead of time, for a faster drinking time to get much-needed caffeine to my rapidly aging nervous system.

Why am I awake? Good question. I'm going singing.

It's our pastors birthday today here in the Philippines. To show someone over here that you care, you get up well before the sun, go to their house, and sing to them. LOUDLY.
 By about 4:20 or so, everyone has arrived outside our pastor's house. We're ready. And, we have an inside person who opens the door. We don't have to serenade outside the window, we go straight to the living room, me and another guy strap on our guitars, and our 15 or so strong group belt out some Visayan songs.

Pretty soon, our pastor and his wife come downstairs, and they smile, laugh and join in. (at least I think so. I was concentrating pretty hard on playing guitar for songs in a foreign language that I had just learned the night before at our one and only practice session)
Then, we sat down and shared about our pastor, what he means to the church family, and we all offered our 'wish' for his year. Then, the pastor and his family fed breakfast to all of us (!) and we all kept on talking for a long time. Our pastor and his family are really neat--He's a businessman, his wife is a doctor, but they've dedicated a huge amount of their time and resources to minister in one of the poorest places in our area. And it's exciting to be a small part of that.

And, sitting there, talking and drinking coffee, I really felt thankful. Thankful that I got up. Thankful that I had been invited to go sing to our pastor at this (to me, insane) hour.

And I realized, this is something that never happens in America. But God has given us the chance to join, participate in, and truly enjoy things that we would never experience back in our home country.

I think that's the big thing---ENJOY. God changes us, and gives us the ability to enjoy things that I never even considered doing before.

(Note to all of my dear friends from church--Yes, I enjoyed waking up our pastor with our great singing...but on my birthday, the most wonderful gift you can give me is the gift of silence and sleep.... :) My four kids  already wake me up every morning with their own version of loudness...
Happy Birthday Pastor Dan!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Grey Hair

We were sitting on this bench watching the kids play...when I discovered it...Brian's very first grey hair!!!  I have to admit...I giggled!  hehehe  Even now when I think about makes me smile.  I am afraid I found it much more humorous than Brian did.  Maybe because I still don't have any grey hair.  hehe
But you have to admit...  If you can still do this....
And this...  You are pretty AMAZING...even if you do have a grey hair...  which actually, he doesn't have any more...since I pulled it out!  hahaha
Brian, you're a stud...MY STUD!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Wheels & an Engine

I know. I know. These pictures are funny. (And in the US and quite a few other countries, probably illegal. It's kind of hard to strap children into their required car seats on a motorcycle.)

So, just how many people can you fit on a motorcycle? When they are can fit quite a few. This was actually the 1st time that we drove around like this.  And we don't plan on doing it often.  (Anything above second gear starts to feel a little too exciting.)

For over two years now, we have been praying that we would be able to purchase a  vehicle (preferably one with four wheels). Even a lemon that looks ready for the junkyard is expensive here---vehicles just don't go down in value like they do in the US. So, buying something ugly and reliable is still a major expense.

 After the incident with Leif and the bead...which you can read about here...  We started to pray in in case of emergency we only have a motorcycle (which Brooke doesn't drive) or we have to rely on public transportation(which isn't all that reliable).

Someone gave us about 1/2 the amount that we need...and we know that God can provide the rest.  Please be praying with us for this need!

Monday, August 27, 2012

August So Far

So, in case you haven't figured it out yet...  Basically, July and August were a bust when it came to blogging.  haha  Such is life.  We are still busy doing language study, homeschooling, etc.  And I'm trying to catch up on blogging when I get a chance. 
Asia enjoys her ballet class on Saturdays...  I'm thankful that the teacher split the 1 large group into 4 smaller ones.
We try to get outside any time it isn't raining!!!  The boys are reading Runner's World together. 
My triplets...or so people think.  :)
Harassing the dog.
 Enjoying a friends birthday party!
Brian is co-teaching a 1st grade Bible class at a local school...there are around 46 kids in this classroom.
 Silly girl loves rocks.
 Our Fantastic Four!

Sunshine & Swimming

Our Visayan language helper/teacher/friend went away to his brother's, we took a couple of days off...and of the days was, we went swimming!
We had to catch 2 types of public transportation to get the swimming pool...which was an adventure...due to the 4 kiddos and all of our swimming gear...  but it was worth it!!
Going to the pool is about as relaxing as it gets with 4 kiddos.  :)  The kids love it soo much...and play soo hard...all we have to do is watch them! 
They had soooo much fun!
Skye is honking the statue's nose. :)
Love watching them play together!!
All ready to jump in at the same time!
Jollibee delivered to the pool.  :) 
But apparently, it was too cold for ice cream.  :) 
The boys could literally swim ALL day long!
She liked to swim in the big pool!
Silly little girl!

A Ladybug Girl Party

Still playing catch up...the kids have been sick, etc.    But wanted to share a few from Skye's 2nd birthday!  We kept it small...but it was fun! 
We had Ladybugs as the theme...because she LOVES Ladybug Girl.
Asia made this sign for her sister.  :)
The birthday girl is sooo NOT a morning person...  But she requested pancakes...
All ready for some cake and ice cream!
She actually wasn't impressed with the candles.
Loving the chocolate cupcakes.
Out for a family walk.
Showing off her ladybug girl doll.
One of her favorite things to do...btw...Brian is NOT holding on.  :) 
Another favorite.
Yay...for new Ladybug Girl books...
She however, was NOT impressed with being dressed up like Ladybug Girl. 
Playing with her birthday loot...Minnie Mouse, a horse and Ladybug Girl.
Now, she keeps asking me if it's her birthday again.  :)

July Rewind - Holly & Sarah (Part 2)

I could not have possibly relegated their trip to one, they got 2.
Our mission had a regional conference while the girls were here...and I put them to work for that also.  hahaha
Playdough, of course, was a huge hit.
As was the tunnel...
We accidentally dressed alike...apparently, we all like green.  :)
Holly's childhood friend Charisse also came for a quick visit.  Char is the awesome lady who helped us get our house...and Wendel's house too!
On a short little walk to the tree park...
at the Kaamulan grounds/tree park.
At the bus station...waiting to go to a larger city.
This is around 6 AM...aren't they sooo cute.  :)
In the big city...we enjoyed some Starbucks.
And yummy pizza!
This one makes me dearest sister...eating her breakfast sandwhich with a fork and knife.  She is sooo cultured.  I ate mine with my hands.  :)
We enjoyed pedicures and even got to watch a movie at the theatre.
Here we are saying goodbye and accidently matching yet again.  :)