Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PE Time!

It's 7 AM on a Monday morning, and school is in session! First things first. I throw all four kids in our little black school bus (a.k.a jogging stroller) and we run our way to the local soccer field.

Hop out and do some warming-up.
Soccer goals are definitely multipurpose instruments. Everything from pull-ups, balancing, and whatever the twins are doing is possible on these things.
Everyone loves their turn at the firemen's carry. And this way even daddy gets a work out.
Asia Layne Johnson, initial preparation for the 2024 US Olympic Track and Field Trials, probably to be held in Tracktown, USA. (That's Eugene, Oregon of course)
And, Skye is probably getting ready to be the coach, because she LOVES to be in charge.
 If it's rainy, no worries, we've got everything from Taebo to ballet on tap.

PE should be fun, and at the Johnson Homeschool...it usually is.

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