Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's In Your Nose?!?

Why Am I laying here? Well, let me tell you. My teacher (a.k.a mommy) thought that I was playing with age-appropriate pony beads. But apparently they weren't as age-appropriate as she thought. That bead was pretty doggone big. But I managed to shove it up my nose anyway. Mommy was only 3 feet away and always checking on me. But I can be pretty sneaky for a 3-year old. Superheroes are like that.

First, mommy and daddy blew pepper in my nose to try to make me sneeze, but that didn't help at all. they said they could hardly even see it with a flashlight. I must have a pretty good-sized nose. I think I take after daddy.

Since they couldn't get it out, mommy rushed me to the hospital. We rode in a rella. That's our public transportation here. Pretty soon, there were lots of people around me. I recognized Doctora Ruthie, because she's the wife of our pastor. But this wasn't fun. I started asking for my brother and sisters.

They figured I would scream, cuz I'm only 3. They wrapped my arms in a blanket so I couldn't move and had 3 people hold me while another doctor stuck some huge metal things up my nose. What, they can stick stuff up my nose but I'm not allowed to? The world is soo unjust to preschoolers. If only I could vote.

But I showed everyone. I didn't cry at all cuz I'm a big boy. And I'm a superhero. A Superhero does not cry very often.

See the orange pony bead? That's what ruined my morning.
Finally, they got the massive bead out of my nose. I was very happy, and soon we were on the way home. Apparently, sticking things in my nose is a bad idea. I wonder if it's ok to stick things in my ears? Well, that will have to be another blogpost.

Until then, this is Superhero non-crying Leif, letting all you preschoolers out there know, Don't Stick Stuff Up Your Nose. It's not worth it.

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