Monday, June 25, 2012

Seaweed Anyone?!

As self-proclaimed foodies, we find it our duty to try new cuisine when we have a chance, and we are very happy to give our opinions, one way or the other. We don't always agree on how things taste, but we have a fun time disagreeing.

One of our most recent forays into interesting food was when Brooke found Seaweed Pringles at our grocery store. Now, the picture on the label looked very seaweedy to us, as in flavor that Iron Chef Morimoto could appreciate. 
So, Brooke brought home a can for us all to try. Now, labels are always deceiving, but when we opened it, it REALLY did not have that powerfully sea-green seaweed look that was deceptively colored on the can.

Upon tasting it, we both agreed. It also did not have that salty, strange yet wonderful seaweed flavor.

Brooke concluded: "disappointingly not seaweedy enough for me."

And I concur. It frankly, lacked much flavor at all, much less the powerful punch that a potent shot of seaweed sends to the tongue. And I have been a lover and connoisseur of Pringles since I was in elementary school.

So, we, The Johnson Taste Test Team, are giving Seaweed Pringles Two Tongues Down.

Sorry Pringles. Perhaps if we had not set the the bar so high for you , things would have turned out differently, but frankly, our palates were not impressed, and next time we will snub you in the grocery aisle.

Since we are assuming that the headquarters of Pringles is reading this post, we are very glad to try any other new flavors that you might have, and if we are impressed, we will definitely include our coveted "Two Tongues Up" award for you in one of our future posts.

We await your free samples. And we apologize for any sales drops you may have because of our anti-Seaweed Pringes post.

Thank you, and until our next Food Review, keep eating! (in moderation, of course)

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