Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ridiculously Easy Drinkable Yogurt

When I was young and single and backpacking my way through Europe, I discovered drinkable yogurt. For someone living on baguettes, sausage and cheese to try to stretch my dollars to make it to as many countries as possible, drinkable yogurt was amazing.

It was full of protein, tasted great and was reasonably inexpensive.

I still remember my first carton of unsweetened drinkable yogurt, drank for breafast in the city square of Trento, Italy. For those who don't remember, Trento is where the Council of Trent took place, after that upstart Martin Luther started to make some problems for the establishment.

Anwyway, when I went back to the US, I couldn't find it. Then, I finally found it, but it tended to be expensive, super-sweet, or both.

And, where I live now, it's both.

So, I looked around and realized some people just add water to their yogurt and call it good. Before, I thought to make it right you had to have some exotic special yogurt starter, or time it perfectly to make it the right consistency.

Nope. Just add milk. Enjoy. (add sweetener if you must, but try it plain and you might be surprised how amazingly good it tastes.Especially if it's homemade)

  So, I just add milk to my homemade yogurt,  beat it with a fork to make it dissolve better, and wala. I love it. (We called our homemade yogurt: Yogurt in 10 Minutes or Less . With practice, you can make it in a LOT less time) I just whipped more up tonight so it'll be ready tomorrow AM---minimal prep time.

I just take some of that, and mix it with milk to taste-- some like it thicker, some thinner. But I love it just plain, no added anything, just milk and plain yogurt.
Oh yeah...wait for it...

That's some delicious homemade high-protein healthiness right there. I better hide it from the kids or they won't stop bugging me 'til I give them some. (Well, maybe that's not a bad thing either)

(Just don't try mixing yogurt with coffee. I love coffee, I love yogurt. I figured, why not. Two likes together should makes something better. Why not? Well, I'll tell you why not. It tastes horrid.)

For the kids, they love it when I add a bit of strawberry Quik---not the healthiest, but still way less sugar than the average kid-yo drink. They also love it with nothing but a bit of honey--and that makes the parenting part of me feel all warm, fuzzy and healthy inside.

Mix some up and you can have that warm fuzzy feeling too.

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