Friday, June 1, 2012

The Friday Funnies

So, This is The Friday Funnies....A round-up of the most hilarious and semi-silly things our kids have said, and the most amusing things we've seen where we live. (And remember, all of this hilarity has happened within the last couple of days. I'm not sure how we ever manage to stop laughing.)

I(Brooke) was teaching Asia about kangaroos and koalas(Australia)...I told her that the mamas have pouches to carry their babies in... She got a very excited look on her face...and exclaimed...Just like you, Mommy! um, Thanks...thanks very much for pointing that out.  I think that was more exciting for her than finding out the Wiggles are from Australia too.  :)

One of my 3 1/2 year old boys asked me if I have any creme fraiche...I'm thinking future chef in the making.  :)

Of course, the same 3 1/2 year old boy turned his piece of bread with jelly on it into a "gun" tonight at dinner. But in the chef world, we just call that "unique presentation of the dish."
I(Brooke) was teaching school...going between Asia and the boys...I came back to see how Asia was doing...and noticed that she was forming a letter wrong...
Me: Asia, you need to rewrite these letters because you formed them wrong...
Asia: How can you tell?
Me: Because I can.
Asia: Because Mommies know EVERYTHING!?
Me: Something like that. 

Skye kept grabbing my(Brooke's) belly fat(aka...the pouch)...and giggling.  Note to self...must workout more!  I'm starting to get a complex.

I saw this while walking down the street...I actually, walked past and then, did a double take...
Are those live frogs with wire through their heads?  Yes. Yes, they are.  I could have bought a whole wire bundle for 100 pesos(about $2.40)...but I don't have Julia Child's French cookbook to cook "Cuisse de grenouilles". 

I (Brian) was asking Asia for a hug, and she wouldn't give me one so I said (in my sad voice) "I'm gonna cry!" 
Asia: (giggle) Daddies DON'T cry!

Definition of funny for me (Brian) tonight: During our Bible story, both of my daughters (especially the 1.5 year old) trying their utmost to say "Mephibosheth!"

Well, this is Friday, and that was funny. Tune in next time for "Friday Funnies: Part Deux!"

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