Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Funnies: Reloaded

So, Wendel (our language instructor) was just telling me how he's getting headaches when he's not at our house. The culprit: caffeine withdrawl. I just started telling him that it was Brian's fault, because he always is the one making java, when Brian poked his head in the office door and said, "coffee's ready!"  I rest my case.

Asia: "The thing I don't like about salt's salty!"

We were having a fairly American meal, burgers and fries for lunch, and Slater said, "Where's the rice?"

During the same meal, Asia says:  "Look Daddy, there's a superhero!" (Daddy looks) and Asia steals one of his french fries. She was quite impressed with her success.

Asia, looking at a Food Network magazine: "It's the Chairman!!!!" (that would be The Chairman of Iron Chef America.) Whenever they see a picture of an Iron Chef, they jump through the ceiling with excitement. You should have heard them yell when they found a picture of Iron Chef Morimoto.)

Leif: "Skye, do you like boys?" Skye: "NO!!!!!!!"

Slater(While playing with little sister Skye): "We need to get 2 more babies to play with!"

How do you respond when one child yells, "Brother bit my hiney!!"?? You have to hope that your spouse can be firm and tell the offender why this is bad, while you try to keep from laughing your head off. This is not easy.

We're out having a family walk, Asia's new vocabulary: "I've never been on this road before. Night will soon fall. That means it will get dark soon!"'s not only kids that are funny. Our Science Experiment for kindergarten this week assumed we had a radiator or heater in our house. Hello, location discrimination. We don't do heaters. We don't do radiators. We're gonna make our own alternative experiment and send a letter to our home school provider to let them know how offended we are.

Down with Location Discrimination!! Just kidding. We'll just do something else for science this week. It's all good.
And last but not least...our family is just funny.

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