Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Funnies: Part Deux

The favorite epithet in our house: "Oh Pickles!" Even Skye says it. With great expression. We're gonna try to keep it at "Oh Pickles!" as long as possible.
Asia, as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She learned about them in school.

Asia:  "Mommy, Sometime, can we have Caviar?"

Asia: "I'm so glad I was the first baby to come out of mommy's small tummy. It was itchy in there!"

Asia is really getting into the school thing. I think she will also be in theatre someday. At school, to mommy: "Sorry, I'm late Teacher."  Then, later, "Mommy...Oh, Sorry!...Teacher!"

Asia: (While watching Iron Chef America) "He just said 'caviar.' I think that's Spanish for broccoli."

What, you don't nap in your local park with your helmet on? 

Skye: (on wanting to watch Iron Chef America) "I watch Bobby Flay! I watch Moto!" (Morimoto)

Slater: "Bobby Flay's coming over to play."

Asia: "In 1992, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

Asia: (describing popcorn) "They look like big colorful statues made out of snowflakes!"

During kindergarten this week, we were studying early people, and how they used animal skins for clothes, and used the bones and antlers as needles, and the intestines and strips of the skins and plants and vines to make clothes. Asia: "They're Reusing and Recycling!"
Enough said.
Slater, holding up my Runner's World Magazine with a lithe, young, ridiculously in-shape individual on the cover: "Daddy, it's you!".....Bless you, my child.

Asia on starting Kindergarten: "I'm so nervous to start Kindergarten. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm going to watch movies and color."

It was weird. We had a visit from a runaway dog with a collar and broken leash that seriously looks like our dog's twin. They played together, had a great time roughhousing in our yard, and acted like they REALLY knew each other. We could not get him out of our yard. Bear tried to go, but he was happy to stay put. Finally, he wagged his tail goodbye from the other side of the fence. We do not know where he is now, but you had to look close to tell the difference between them. They even both had green collars. Weeiirrd.
Leif (at the breakfast table after eating) "I've got a lot of energy for running!"

Trying to figure out what to do for our PE class since it was raining...Leif:  "are we going to do some squats?"

Leif while eating a cherry filled chocolate donut:  "yum...this tastes like pizza!"
So, is this a statement, or a business name?
And, Asia JUST told me, as I put her and Skye to bed: "I love you more than a giant strawberry that reaches into SPACE!"  Wow. coming from the girl who says she wants to be a strawberry farmer, that's love.

Disclaimer: Yes, we have a season of Iron Chef America on our computer, and yes, our children love to watch it, and other cooking shows when they can. We can think of worse things they could be doing.


Shilo said...

Our kids love Iron Chef America and other cooking shows too! Fun!
Your kids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

What fun! We loved it! :>) I was just saying to Gran'pa yesterday, "I wish I could remember the cute, funny things our kids said and did." So glad you're recording them.