Monday, June 11, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Asia said she was really nervous about the first day of school...."I'm gonna watch movies and color and it's gonna be the hardest thing I ever do!"
The First Day of Kindergarten has now come...and gone. The first day went surprisingly well, even with the juggling of 1 kindergartener+ 2 preschoolers in the classroom, + 1 toddler in the living room with 1 daddy trying to have a language session while also catching the odd stray child that happened to wander by. (And of course loving taking care of them)

But as Asia yelled to me as she rode past (in the kitchen) on her scooter this morning, "I'm gonna be a kindergarten girl!"

Well, now, she most certainly is.

It's super exciting to move into this next chapter of our kid's lives--we can really use your prayers as we juggle schooling for Asia, taking care of the other kids, and still studying Visayan full-time as we prepare for new language students.

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Alison Palmer said...

Yay! How exciting! And I'm sure bittersweet as your baby is now in Kindergarten... SOB! ;) Good luck with all and praying for your family as always. Go, Asia!