Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Funnies: Reloaded

So, Wendel (our language instructor) was just telling me how he's getting headaches when he's not at our house. The culprit: caffeine withdrawl. I just started telling him that it was Brian's fault, because he always is the one making java, when Brian poked his head in the office door and said, "coffee's ready!"  I rest my case.

Asia: "The thing I don't like about salt's salty!"

We were having a fairly American meal, burgers and fries for lunch, and Slater said, "Where's the rice?"

During the same meal, Asia says:  "Look Daddy, there's a superhero!" (Daddy looks) and Asia steals one of his french fries. She was quite impressed with her success.

Asia, looking at a Food Network magazine: "It's the Chairman!!!!" (that would be The Chairman of Iron Chef America.) Whenever they see a picture of an Iron Chef, they jump through the ceiling with excitement. You should have heard them yell when they found a picture of Iron Chef Morimoto.)

Leif: "Skye, do you like boys?" Skye: "NO!!!!!!!"

Slater(While playing with little sister Skye): "We need to get 2 more babies to play with!"

How do you respond when one child yells, "Brother bit my hiney!!"?? You have to hope that your spouse can be firm and tell the offender why this is bad, while you try to keep from laughing your head off. This is not easy.

We're out having a family walk, Asia's new vocabulary: "I've never been on this road before. Night will soon fall. That means it will get dark soon!"'s not only kids that are funny. Our Science Experiment for kindergarten this week assumed we had a radiator or heater in our house. Hello, location discrimination. We don't do heaters. We don't do radiators. We're gonna make our own alternative experiment and send a letter to our home school provider to let them know how offended we are.

Down with Location Discrimination!! Just kidding. We'll just do something else for science this week. It's all good.
And last but not least...our family is just funny.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's In Your Nose?!?

Why Am I laying here? Well, let me tell you. My teacher (a.k.a mommy) thought that I was playing with age-appropriate pony beads. But apparently they weren't as age-appropriate as she thought. That bead was pretty doggone big. But I managed to shove it up my nose anyway. Mommy was only 3 feet away and always checking on me. But I can be pretty sneaky for a 3-year old. Superheroes are like that.

First, mommy and daddy blew pepper in my nose to try to make me sneeze, but that didn't help at all. they said they could hardly even see it with a flashlight. I must have a pretty good-sized nose. I think I take after daddy.

Since they couldn't get it out, mommy rushed me to the hospital. We rode in a rella. That's our public transportation here. Pretty soon, there were lots of people around me. I recognized Doctora Ruthie, because she's the wife of our pastor. But this wasn't fun. I started asking for my brother and sisters.

They figured I would scream, cuz I'm only 3. They wrapped my arms in a blanket so I couldn't move and had 3 people hold me while another doctor stuck some huge metal things up my nose. What, they can stick stuff up my nose but I'm not allowed to? The world is soo unjust to preschoolers. If only I could vote.

But I showed everyone. I didn't cry at all cuz I'm a big boy. And I'm a superhero. A Superhero does not cry very often.

See the orange pony bead? That's what ruined my morning.
Finally, they got the massive bead out of my nose. I was very happy, and soon we were on the way home. Apparently, sticking things in my nose is a bad idea. I wonder if it's ok to stick things in my ears? Well, that will have to be another blogpost.

Until then, this is Superhero non-crying Leif, letting all you preschoolers out there know, Don't Stick Stuff Up Your Nose. It's not worth it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Seaweed Anyone?!

As self-proclaimed foodies, we find it our duty to try new cuisine when we have a chance, and we are very happy to give our opinions, one way or the other. We don't always agree on how things taste, but we have a fun time disagreeing.

One of our most recent forays into interesting food was when Brooke found Seaweed Pringles at our grocery store. Now, the picture on the label looked very seaweedy to us, as in flavor that Iron Chef Morimoto could appreciate. 
So, Brooke brought home a can for us all to try. Now, labels are always deceiving, but when we opened it, it REALLY did not have that powerfully sea-green seaweed look that was deceptively colored on the can.

Upon tasting it, we both agreed. It also did not have that salty, strange yet wonderful seaweed flavor.

Brooke concluded: "disappointingly not seaweedy enough for me."

And I concur. It frankly, lacked much flavor at all, much less the powerful punch that a potent shot of seaweed sends to the tongue. And I have been a lover and connoisseur of Pringles since I was in elementary school.

So, we, The Johnson Taste Test Team, are giving Seaweed Pringles Two Tongues Down.

Sorry Pringles. Perhaps if we had not set the the bar so high for you , things would have turned out differently, but frankly, our palates were not impressed, and next time we will snub you in the grocery aisle.

Since we are assuming that the headquarters of Pringles is reading this post, we are very glad to try any other new flavors that you might have, and if we are impressed, we will definitely include our coveted "Two Tongues Up" award for you in one of our future posts.

We await your free samples. And we apologize for any sales drops you may have because of our anti-Seaweed Pringes post.

Thank you, and until our next Food Review, keep eating! (in moderation, of course)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rejoice! We...Conquer?!?

Today was 5-K day.

I was excited. Ready to run. Inside of every fat old dad who thought he was a decent athlete in high school, there is a teenager raring to go.

That teenager inside has the exuberance of adolescence, the confidence that comes with no experience, the pride of the immortal 18-year old, and, at least in my case, much longer hair.

This morning, THIS former teenager was ready to show the world that although exercise now consists of jogging with 3 to 4 children in one stroller, doing wind sprints while carrying a baby, and doing pullups on the soccer goals while furtively watching to make sure that none of the children are escaping, he's still got it.

Well, some of it.
Running in an earlier race this year. Notice how there is traffic everywhere on the course? The winner of the Marathon this morning got hit by a motorcycle, but he kept on going and still won!
Ok,  a tiny little bit of it.

I was ready for everything. All I needed was on the table the night before. clothes, socks, racing bib, water bottle to put my cold coffee in, headphones, etc. etc.

I got up, ready to go. Ate breakfast, drank a bit of cold coffee. The lady where I signed up for the race said the 5-K should start about 5:45, so I was close on time but doing ok.

I arrived at the race, and looked at the start line, and there was about 80 little middle-schoolers lined up at the starting line. What the?!??

I ran to the line and in my best Visayan found out that the 5-K had started earlier than I had been told, and the slowest runners were nowhere in sight. I could see a good 700 meters down the course, and there was nobody.

Cursing my stupidity at not being earlier than I thought was necessary, I threw my unopened bottle of cold coffee down, anddodged through the 12-year olds getting ready for the kids race, and passed the start line.

I ran hard, it was a super hilly course, first half was the best downhill part, I ran well and I actually started passing lots of people from the 5-K. When the dust had settled, and I made it up the mile-long hill at the end of the race (no joke, the last mile is a long, slow, then steeper uphill that killed me) I finished with an ok time on my stopwatch. I didn't even look at the official time clock.

I was rather upset, a bit mad, but had just finished a reallyreally good workout, so I didn't have a lot of energy for lots of emotions other than My Legs Hurt and I'm Really Tired and Give Me Water.

I didn't stay for the award ceremony, because I have 4 kids to take care of, and I was pretty confident I got nothing in the way of race hardware.

After the race. Home by 6:20 AM  Rather tired. But as a daddy, the day is just beginning...Mommy has to go shopping at the market, so daddy has the kids within minutes of jogging back home from the race. But the burgers, lasagna, homemade ricotta cheese, Italian sausage, and meatballs that Chef Mommy made are sooo worth it.
Well, I got a text a little later from a friend of mine, and he let me know that I got a third place medal for my age group (the old-geezer-daddy section.) And that, frankly, was the most hilarious thing that has happened to me in running in a long time. I think I started 6-9 minutes after the race started.

I'm not complaining, I'll take it. I'm just not sure if I should be proud of winning it, or wondering if there was 4 people in my age group and I beat one of them. I don't know. I don't care. I might find out if they post the race times on the internet.

But for now, I'm just going to bask in the high-school-like pride of having won a medal, and beaten at least a few other equally over-worked dads in the process.

*I found out later this afternoon that they counted racing chip times. So, that means that even though  I finished way behind the other medalists, my chip time was faster than lots of other people that finished before I did. That is how I got my sweet medal. 

Bronze Medal, Baby! Now if I just had a little more time to train for London....
My four favorite training partners. We run and do cross training 5 days a week together. I would like to dedicate this bronze (probably tin) medal to them. Without their active participation in PE class, 
none of this would have been possible...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homeschool = Pandemonium

Here we are in our 2nd week of homeschooling...
The boys are loving their pattern block puzzles. Two words: Hands. On.
Asia ran out of the school room today yelling "I can read!!" She is catching on pretty well in her subjects, and really enjoys her Math-U-See. 
Trying to keep the younger three busy in their "preschool" while big sister Asia does kindergarten is the biggest challenge. We have some very short attention spans in our house. 
Skye said, "I draw heart!" Hmm...we are her parents and we can TOTALLY see the heart there... 
Asia, situation normal, staring off into space dreaming about being a ballerina astronaut who grows hydroponic strawberry plants on her pirate space ship. 
Mommy/teacher trying to teach and keep control... 
The struggle is the glory.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fussy Father's Day/Fried Televisions

Normally when I write a blog post, I've already got some perspective on things I'm writing about.

I start blogging after I'm far enough removed to laugh about what has happened. Today, that's sort of true, but not so much. I'm more writing to try to see something good and semi-funny in it. I will try to see the Bright Spots in my day. And, it's cheaper than a shrink. Blogging is therapeutic.

Some people go to bars and get drunk so that they can spill their soul and cry on someone's shoulder and not be judged. I have never tried this. I have however, been the person next to these people, and I do not wish to be either of those people. (The listener or the overdrinking emotional one) Confused yet? good.

Instead, I blog. I can try to gain some perspective on my soon-to-be-history Father's Day and how it went, without embarrassing myself in public, and without paying an over-priced shrink to tell me the things I probably already know, but just don't want to admit.

Father's day started like most days here, 4:45 AM, the boys are awake and yelling for me. They have settled into a 4:45 to 5:15 AM window within which they get up almost every day. I get up, try to get them to be quiet, so that they don't wake up everyone else in our house. They haven't figured out how to whisper very well yet.

I try to rest for a while, but I have to keep messing with them, and so I'm definitely up for all day. The dog next door is barking his head off, I think this maybe is why the boys are awake, and it's driving me crazy. Happy Father's Day. I wouldn't be so tired if this didn't happen every day, but it happens pretty much every day. (Bright Spot: They may wake up before the sun, but they sleep through the night. I should be thankful.)

Breakfast for the kids is oatmeal, as usual. Bright Spot: my beautiful and intelligent wife goes to the market this morning to buy meat, and brings home some Lechon Baboy. That is the local name for whole roast pig, and it tastes great. (She didn't bring home the whole pig, just a piece of it.) I even eat some of the crunchy fatty skin, which can actually taste pretty good.
Daddy Day pictures--we go outside and try to get everyone to sit with me for a picture for posterity.  1 boy freaks out, and here we go. By the time we get back inside 2 kids are crying, and basically for the rest of the day, it is a whine/cryfest. And intermittent ear-piercing screaming for what seems to be no good reason. Bright Spot: There is none.

We had decided to have Home Church this morning, so I get ready to lead the kids in some songs-- two of them end up in their room in time-out the whole time, because of screaming/yelling/general disobedience.

The Bible story and daddy day craft go ok. But it is officially Fussy Father Day. Brooke and I were going to listen to a sermon online. Yeah, no chance for that.

Lunch. Rest time. I break up more sibling fights. more screaming. yelling. fighting. hitting.

Finally we take the kids for a walk. They do fine for quite a while, run, play, exercise (Another Bright Spot) then it's time to go home, and because of a small disagreement over who sits on what seat in the stroller, another child is screaming almost the entire way home.

And then, we are home, and my child soon calls "The TV's not working!" I go down, try to turn it off and on, something suddenly prompts me to look at the back, and I realize that the backside of the TV is soaked. Some darling little children spit and/or poured water inside the holes in the back of the TV.

It is now officially not working, and I currently have a fan running on it praying that it might dry out. It's actually the first TV we've ever purchased. We've been given a few over the years, but never actually bought one until this one. And now it's innards are fried with toddler water.

Another Bright Spot: Brooke made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for supper. Good chocolate chips don't exist in our town, so it's a major treat. There is happiness in the midst of exhausted annoyance.

I won't go into the fun of getting them to clean their rooms tonight, or any of that, because it has been a really long day, and these days I don't have time to cry anymore, but days like this get me close to tears, and (thankfully) to reciting Bible verses in my head. This is a better thing to do than say to my kids the things I would like to say to them. I would just feel worse about it later.

Love is patient...kind, etc...that's been ringing in my ears. And also, "So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand"--- (Isaiah 41:10)

Right now, I am exhausted, tired of dealing with being a daddy to four adorable, but amazingly high-maintenace children. But as I look back, I see that there are actually quite a few Bright Spots in my day, for which I should choose to be thankful. There, I'm thankful. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

See? I told you blogging was therapeutic.

I wouldn't trade those 4 little monsters for anything, but having 24 hours without them around sometimes would be heavenly. Should I feel guilty for saying that? Hmm, let me think about it.

Nope. Not feeling guilty.

Some days, I come to the end, and wish I could just go to bed for 36 hours or so and see pretty much no one. (Of course I want to see you honey, but if I'm gonna sleep for 36 hours, you're gonna have to take care of the kids.)

Well, Father's Day is done, and I think I will go to bed, and hopefully dream about sleeping.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Daddy

FATHER'S DAY INTERVIEW with Asia (age 5)

My Daddy's name is Daddy.

He is 100 years old.

He is as tall as a giant, giant strawberry and weighs 99 pounds.

His hair is black and his eyes are green...just like mine.

His favorite food is strawberries.

His favorite drink is coke.

My daddy's favorite color is purple.

My daddy likes to wear all his clothes.

His job is helping us.

My daddy loves to eat chicken.

He is smart because he knows in the morning we are going to go exercise.

My Daddy works hard learning Tagalog.

He always tells me: "No, you can't read another story in your book."

I'm happy when Daddy does what you say.

I love my Daddy because Mommy married him.

He likes to do school.

He doesn't like to...he likes to do everything.

My Daddy's favorite sport is football.

We like to play football together.

My Daddy is really strong, he could lift the whole kitchen play thing.

My Daddy laughs when you tell him a joke.

He makes me giggle when he tickles me and he makes me have a lot of fun.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Funnies: Part Deux

The favorite epithet in our house: "Oh Pickles!" Even Skye says it. With great expression. We're gonna try to keep it at "Oh Pickles!" as long as possible.
Asia, as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She learned about them in school.

Asia:  "Mommy, Sometime, can we have Caviar?"

Asia: "I'm so glad I was the first baby to come out of mommy's small tummy. It was itchy in there!"

Asia is really getting into the school thing. I think she will also be in theatre someday. At school, to mommy: "Sorry, I'm late Teacher."  Then, later, "Mommy...Oh, Sorry!...Teacher!"

Asia: (While watching Iron Chef America) "He just said 'caviar.' I think that's Spanish for broccoli."

What, you don't nap in your local park with your helmet on? 

Skye: (on wanting to watch Iron Chef America) "I watch Bobby Flay! I watch Moto!" (Morimoto)

Slater: "Bobby Flay's coming over to play."

Asia: "In 1992, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

Asia: (describing popcorn) "They look like big colorful statues made out of snowflakes!"

During kindergarten this week, we were studying early people, and how they used animal skins for clothes, and used the bones and antlers as needles, and the intestines and strips of the skins and plants and vines to make clothes. Asia: "They're Reusing and Recycling!"
Enough said.
Slater, holding up my Runner's World Magazine with a lithe, young, ridiculously in-shape individual on the cover: "Daddy, it's you!".....Bless you, my child.

Asia on starting Kindergarten: "I'm so nervous to start Kindergarten. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm going to watch movies and color."

It was weird. We had a visit from a runaway dog with a collar and broken leash that seriously looks like our dog's twin. They played together, had a great time roughhousing in our yard, and acted like they REALLY knew each other. We could not get him out of our yard. Bear tried to go, but he was happy to stay put. Finally, he wagged his tail goodbye from the other side of the fence. We do not know where he is now, but you had to look close to tell the difference between them. They even both had green collars. Weeiirrd.
Leif (at the breakfast table after eating) "I've got a lot of energy for running!"

Trying to figure out what to do for our PE class since it was raining...Leif:  "are we going to do some squats?"

Leif while eating a cherry filled chocolate donut:  "yum...this tastes like pizza!"
So, is this a statement, or a business name?
And, Asia JUST told me, as I put her and Skye to bed: "I love you more than a giant strawberry that reaches into SPACE!"  Wow. coming from the girl who says she wants to be a strawberry farmer, that's love.

Disclaimer: Yes, we have a season of Iron Chef America on our computer, and yes, our children love to watch it, and other cooking shows when they can. We can think of worse things they could be doing.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Brother is Watching

Skye is a fortunate girl--- she has a big brother who is ALWAYS watching out for her. He checks on her, carries her when she's hurt, or when he feels like carrying her. And, she almost always loooves the attention.

The weird thing is, half the time when she gets hurt now, she runs to him, even if mommy or daddy is close by. She already is finding someone else to comfort her. (sniff)

As Leif said this week, "This is Skye. She's my favorite girl. You ok baby?"

But it's not all fun and games. They also work together. This week I found out that the only thing harder than washing dishes by myself is washing dishes,well, frankly, with my children's help. But they were adorable little dishwashers, and did an awfully good job for a 1.75 and a 3.5 year old.

They are our babies, we love 'em, and hopefully they will still love each other this much over the next 15-50 years.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ridiculously Easy Drinkable Yogurt

When I was young and single and backpacking my way through Europe, I discovered drinkable yogurt. For someone living on baguettes, sausage and cheese to try to stretch my dollars to make it to as many countries as possible, drinkable yogurt was amazing.

It was full of protein, tasted great and was reasonably inexpensive.

I still remember my first carton of unsweetened drinkable yogurt, drank for breafast in the city square of Trento, Italy. For those who don't remember, Trento is where the Council of Trent took place, after that upstart Martin Luther started to make some problems for the establishment.

Anwyway, when I went back to the US, I couldn't find it. Then, I finally found it, but it tended to be expensive, super-sweet, or both.

And, where I live now, it's both.

So, I looked around and realized some people just add water to their yogurt and call it good. Before, I thought to make it right you had to have some exotic special yogurt starter, or time it perfectly to make it the right consistency.

Nope. Just add milk. Enjoy. (add sweetener if you must, but try it plain and you might be surprised how amazingly good it tastes.Especially if it's homemade)

  So, I just add milk to my homemade yogurt,  beat it with a fork to make it dissolve better, and wala. I love it. (We called our homemade yogurt: Yogurt in 10 Minutes or Less . With practice, you can make it in a LOT less time) I just whipped more up tonight so it'll be ready tomorrow AM---minimal prep time.

I just take some of that, and mix it with milk to taste-- some like it thicker, some thinner. But I love it just plain, no added anything, just milk and plain yogurt.
Oh yeah...wait for it...

That's some delicious homemade high-protein healthiness right there. I better hide it from the kids or they won't stop bugging me 'til I give them some. (Well, maybe that's not a bad thing either)

(Just don't try mixing yogurt with coffee. I love coffee, I love yogurt. I figured, why not. Two likes together should makes something better. Why not? Well, I'll tell you why not. It tastes horrid.)

For the kids, they love it when I add a bit of strawberry Quik---not the healthiest, but still way less sugar than the average kid-yo drink. They also love it with nothing but a bit of honey--and that makes the parenting part of me feel all warm, fuzzy and healthy inside.

Mix some up and you can have that warm fuzzy feeling too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Asia said she was really nervous about the first day of school...."I'm gonna watch movies and color and it's gonna be the hardest thing I ever do!"
The First Day of Kindergarten has now come...and gone. The first day went surprisingly well, even with the juggling of 1 kindergartener+ 2 preschoolers in the classroom, + 1 toddler in the living room with 1 daddy trying to have a language session while also catching the odd stray child that happened to wander by. (And of course loving taking care of them)

But as Asia yelled to me as she rode past (in the kitchen) on her scooter this morning, "I'm gonna be a kindergarten girl!"

Well, now, she most certainly is.

It's super exciting to move into this next chapter of our kid's lives--we can really use your prayers as we juggle schooling for Asia, taking care of the other kids, and still studying Visayan full-time as we prepare for new language students.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Free E-Book by Gracia Burnham

Today, June 7, is the tenth anniversary of Gracia's escape from the jungle, and Martin's Home-Going. To commemorate the anniversary, her book is being offered free for today  for Kindle and Nook. Here's the link to the free digital copy. In the Presence of My Enemies

It's an excellent book and DEFINITELY worth the read!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Review: Band of Brothers

Memorial Day has just passed, and now it is the Anniversary of D-day. To all of the men and women in the Armed Forces who have chosen to leave their homes so that all of us can have one, THANK YOU!

And to all of the families, who let them go, and stay behind and pray for them, counting the days until they get home, THANK YOU!

On June 6, 1944, thousands of young men jumped out of airplanes into the night sky over France. They all knew they had a very good chance of being killed that night, but they jumped anyway.

D-day had begun, and the 101st Airborne was helping lead the way to defeat Nazi tyranny.

Growing up, I read multiple books on World War II, but my all-time favorite is Band of Brothers.
Stephen Ambrose does an amazing job of telling the story of the war through the eyes of the men of one Airborne Company---Easy Company.

Easy Company entered the war on June 6th, 1944 by parachuting into France. They continued to be involved in the most pivotal parts of the war, jumping in Operation Market Garden, holding Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge, finding out first-hand the truth of concentration camps in Germany, and ultimately capturing Hitler's Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgarden.

What sets it apart from many other books on World War II, is that it doesn't major on the grand strategy of the war. (There are hundreds of books that have done that already)

It tells the story from the point of view of the ordinary person, the Citizen Soldier, who may very well hate war, and hate what they are doing in it. They may at times not even care that much about the grand strategy. But, they choose to go on because their buddies are depending on them. They choose to endure sleepless days and nights under fire, be crippled and even die, rather than abandon the people they care about.

I have read this book multiple times, and I enjoy it every time. Probably the biggest reason is, Stephen Ambrose tried to make it a book that would make the reader ask the question, "What would I do in that situation? How would I react when faced with death or difficulty?"

It's a big question.

For those who have read, and/or watched Band of Brothers, and were amazed (as I was) by the quiet yet powerful and greatly effective leadership of Major Richard Winters,  you might also enjoy:


These books are very also very well written, and have great insight into what makes an effective leader.

Again, much thanks to those who serve, and to their families.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Going to Church With Daddy

Last Sunday, we had some family members under the weather. So, I (Brian) took the motorcycle to church with my young princess. She LOVES motorcycle rides. Don't worry, we drive slow. And we make sure to color-coordinate her helmet with her clothes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear _____,

ROTC, we're sorry we said anything about you running past our house and being noisy before the sun  comes up. We did not know you read our blog and did not mean to offend. Is that the reason why you ran past our house twice before 6 AM? If so, we will not mention you again.

Tile Floors, I love you and I loathe you. You are sooo easy to clean and my kids can rollerblade and ride their bikes and scooters on top of you all day long. But you cause the destruction of so much, children's heads when they fall on you daily. And our electronics and glass items...which lose all hope of survival if we drop them on you from mere inches it seems. If you could just stay easy cleaning, but not as hard as concrete, that would be great.

American News Anchor, His name is NOT "Puh-kay-o".  Goodness, we're embarrased for you. He is Manny Pacquiao. You say it: "Pak-yaw", (as in, "Yaw! That hurt when you punched me!") He is the best pound-for-pound boxer in the universe at the moment.  He is from the Philippines. But he will soon be coming to a theater near you in the US. So get it right.

Stores with Stereos, How can you play Christian music my grandmother would approve of one minute, then explicit rap that would make the average sailor blush the next? Please rethink your playlist.

Creme Brulee, The joy you put in our hearts is beyond a simple culinary description. You are probably the best thing to come from France since smelly cheese and the Eiffel Tower.

Facebook Friends who invite us to join games and communities and other etceteras, Thank you. We love you. We are not going to defriend you, though we may block your apps. We already live in Crazyville. We do not have time for Farmville.

Electric Company, please stop teasing us. We finally felt like the brownout phase of our relationship was over. We had great power. Then, with no warning and no volts. We don't feel that we are building trust in this relationship. The sparks are there, but inconsistency can be the death of a long-term partnership.

Fast Runners, Thanks for making me look bad in front of my dog... Now, he really doesn't appreciate my slow run.

Rain. Rain, Go away. come again, just not every every single day! (Oh wait, I guess they call it RAINY SEASON for a REASON.)

Gardenia Bush Outside My Front Door, your smell is like a whiff of heaven's garden. Thank you for making my day better just by blooming.

Dog of mine, I figured you would sniff my new motorcycle cover a little, maybe even chew it a bit. Did you seriously have to grab on with your impressively strong jaws attached to an impressively large head with an impressively microscopic brain and pull my motorcycle over on the concrete? Just asking.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Friday Funnies

So, This is The Friday Funnies....A round-up of the most hilarious and semi-silly things our kids have said, and the most amusing things we've seen where we live. (And remember, all of this hilarity has happened within the last couple of days. I'm not sure how we ever manage to stop laughing.)

I(Brooke) was teaching Asia about kangaroos and koalas(Australia)...I told her that the mamas have pouches to carry their babies in... She got a very excited look on her face...and exclaimed...Just like you, Mommy! um, Thanks...thanks very much for pointing that out.  I think that was more exciting for her than finding out the Wiggles are from Australia too.  :)

One of my 3 1/2 year old boys asked me if I have any creme fraiche...I'm thinking future chef in the making.  :)

Of course, the same 3 1/2 year old boy turned his piece of bread with jelly on it into a "gun" tonight at dinner. But in the chef world, we just call that "unique presentation of the dish."
I(Brooke) was teaching school...going between Asia and the boys...I came back to see how Asia was doing...and noticed that she was forming a letter wrong...
Me: Asia, you need to rewrite these letters because you formed them wrong...
Asia: How can you tell?
Me: Because I can.
Asia: Because Mommies know EVERYTHING!?
Me: Something like that. 

Skye kept grabbing my(Brooke's) belly fat(aka...the pouch)...and giggling.  Note to self...must workout more!  I'm starting to get a complex.

I saw this while walking down the street...I actually, walked past and then, did a double take...
Are those live frogs with wire through their heads?  Yes. Yes, they are.  I could have bought a whole wire bundle for 100 pesos(about $2.40)...but I don't have Julia Child's French cookbook to cook "Cuisse de grenouilles". 

I (Brian) was asking Asia for a hug, and she wouldn't give me one so I said (in my sad voice) "I'm gonna cry!" 
Asia: (giggle) Daddies DON'T cry!

Definition of funny for me (Brian) tonight: During our Bible story, both of my daughters (especially the 1.5 year old) trying their utmost to say "Mephibosheth!"

Well, this is Friday, and that was funny. Tune in next time for "Friday Funnies: Part Deux!"