Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Very Fancy Nancy Party

Asia, to put it mildly, is a tres, TRES, fancy girl. (Tres is French for very, and as everyone knows, French is tres fancy.)

She loves to dress up, (the more accessories the better) be read to about Fancy Nancy, and anything else that has to do with princesses/princes/ballet, etc.

As her parents, this is a bit strange to us, because both of us are so tres, tres not fancy. But, we have to admit, she does look pretty darn cute when she dresses up fancy, and Fancy Nancy was the obvious choice for her 5th birthday.

Brooke made the tiara cake. And, as everyone knows, all girls need at least one tiara. Two would be better.

Asia's room has Fancy Nancy wall stickers. We LOVE wall stickers. They are a very easy, inexpensive way to decorate a kid's room. (The boys, of course, have Cars on their wall.)

All the fancy, little princesses! 

The lone princes at the party. They spent most of their time with the noisemakers. Thankfully, we had Lightning Mcqueen hats left over, since tiaras are not their headgear of choice.

The cake was great! The only problem was the boys kept blowing out the candles while Brooke was trying to light them. The boys also had a VERY difficult time understanding that they didn't get presents too. Trying to explain to a 3.5 year old that THEY will get the presents on their birthday in 6 months does not go very well.

6 months is an eternity when you're 3.

The Princesses all had a tiara craft to make, complete with fancy stickers that almost looked like real jewels!

Asia loved her Fancy Nancy party, and I swear that the simple act of turning 5 made her personality gain 10 precocious points.

Asia, you are a tres, tres fancy girl, and we love you!

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