Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schedules and Winged Unicorns

A tight schedule with toddlers in the house is kind of like a Winged Unicorn: They're fun to dream about, I would love to have one of my own, but they're still a fairy tale.

Winged Unicorns-- they make for a great story, but they're hard to find, and even harder to keep.

A Good Schedule--they make for a really boring story, they're also hard to find, and even harder to keep than my imaginary phantasmagorical friend. We have a new schedule at our house. I know of what I speak.

Day 1 of our new schedule : Operation Home School+full-time language study for mommy and daddy+6 people still alive, reasonably well-fed and not ready to kill each other by the end of the day.
Day 1 actually went well. Caffeine consumption increased noticeably, as was to be expected, but children were up as per usual by around 5:30 AM, dog was walked at 6 AM, the children fed at 6:30 AM, language study on time, homeschool ok. kids taken out and exercised. Daddy taken out and exercised. With the children of course.

Conclusion at end of day: semi-success+exhaustion. yay.

Day 2. Hahahaha. 4 AM. Skye crying, I get her. She transfers to our bed. She biffed it on the stairs the other day and her lip still looks horrible, and it seems to be hurting her again. She lays in mommy and daddy's bed and of course keeps an already worn-out mommy and daddy from sleeping.

Two wet beds b4 6AM. Cleanup. More cleanup. Dog never gets walked. Boy with dry bed throws up all over floor and seat at breakfast (but at least breakfast was on time). Nobody makes it outside for walk, exercise, or anything else fun. Rain again. Language study goes. Ok.

Caffeine consumption increases noticeably. Again.

Conclusion at end of day: semi-failure+exhaustion. Let's see it as the coffee cup half full. No wait. I already drank all the coffee in that cup. And the grounds at the bottom looked to have a bit of caffeine left in them so I chewed them up and swallowed. I'm kidding. I'm not THAT desperate. But I'm getting close.

Now, obviously having a schedule that is not totally accomplished is better than no schedule at all, because that way we can more accurately evaluate just how horrible of parents/missionaries/spouses/people-in-general  we really are, which always makes us feel better...

Just kidding of course. Even though we don't always manage to stick like glue to our (admittedly lofty) attempted schedule, it is a big help to keep us on track throughout the day.

And instead of feeling like we failed, we can try to see where we improved. (Ok fine, and also feel like failures at the same time, but hey, that's parenting. If you haven't failed in some aspect of parenting yet, it's because you do not yet have any children.)

Tomorrow is day 3 of the new schedule, I'm grinding the coffee beans up the night before so I am ready to go.

I love you, tomorrow.

Die Another Day. Perhaps tomorrow.

No wait. Tomorrow Never Dies.

The Day After Tomorrow. I think everybody died in that one.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Everybody should have.

The fact that thinking up movie titles or themes with the word "tomorrow" is amusing to me right now means that I may already have lost it. Perhaps I never had it.

Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day.

 I can't hardly wait.

*Due to scheduling conflicts (get it? problems with the schedule?!? hehehe) this post is a couple days late. I'm happy to report that Operation: New Schedule is actually going surprisingly well. The children are adequately fed, usually dressed, and sometimes happy. Around here, we're gonna call that success.

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