Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Little Ballerina

It's Ballet Day! Summer vacation is almost over here in the Philippines, so summer ballet class is finishing up.

To end their summer with flair (very important to any ballerina) the class had a recital to show what they learned.
Asia's group performing.
The whole class dancing together. Asia really worked hard for 1 1/2 months, 5 days a week at ballet practice. It was really fun to see her keep working at something and do her best!
Asia with her class. She was in "The Playmates" group.
This is Asia with her friend, Angel.  Some of her other classmates were: Princess, Precious & Queenie.

I'm feeling like Asia is suddenly a boring name.
Asia with her teacher Chiqui (pronounced "Cheeky").
Asia with her friend Riley.

Asia took ballet lessons on and off when we lived in Manila. When we moved to our new location, we looked and asked around, but there was no ballet class available in our town.

Asia REALLY wanted to do ballet again, and we prayed and hoped for a long time that she might be able to. God answered our prayers with a summer ballet school! She has really enjoyed it, and I thought she might be getting tired of it, because there are 5 classes a week.

But she was very sad that it's over and did NOT want ballet to end. 

We're so proud of our young ballerina! She definitely adds some flair and fanciness to our lives.

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