Tuesday, May 29, 2012

God & Coffee

Some days are more tired than others.

Do you ever have those days that frankly, you were tired when they began, exhausted as they progressed, and comatose by the time the sun went down?

It's been one of those days all week.

Sometimes, when I'm trying to focus on my language recordings, or on my conversation in a second language, or even on my conversation with my wife in my first language (whoops, better listen better) I start zoning out and the thinking part of my brain is already asleep.

The boys were up by 5:30 again this morning, as usual, yelling for me. I spent the next half hour getting breakfast ready,trying to keep the boys from waking up the rest of the household, reading a verse at a time out of my Bible, making coffee, sucking down coffee, and praying.

And then sucking down more coffee.

Then, it was time to take the kids for a run/walk, I got them ready, one boy decided to have a screamfest and ended up staying home--and I walked on. and ran. Then we ran together at the local grassy place. Then the second boy decided to start screaming. I exhort him to stop. No dice.

Exercise cut short. Run home.

I'm still trying to think in Visayan in my head as I do all these things, trying to see if I can describe what I'm doing. I run home, pushing my trio towards home.

Gadagan ko oban sa akong mga anak paingon sa among balay. Whoops, wrong language.English blog post. Here we go again.

The rest of the day is pretty much the same, study, separate screaming children, study, separate, repeat.

Then we go to a missionary supper thing, and within 3 minutes of sitting down the kids are done eating and I spend the rest of the meal shoving a bite in my mouth, running to check on the latest problem with the kids, taking another bite, picking up a playhouse worth of toys that somehow "flew" off the porch and ended up on the grass, and thankfully stealing the desserts that my children failed to eat.

I told them to stop throwing toys off the porch. So,they find some coconuts and I think they took those up on the porch, and then threw at least one of those off the porch too. I have to admit, I told them nothing about throwing coconuts.

And then, finally, I was laying in my kiddos room, trying to get them to go to sleep. If I leave, screaming.

If I lay down, giggling, gargling (with their water bottles) and general noisiness. I turn on my language recordings again and lay there, trying to be the good daddy/good missionary/good language learner/good grief, at the same time.

When I wake up, I am still in their bed, they are finally asleep, and my recordings have kept on playing.

I think I will count that all on my time sheet as study time. They say listening while asleep can be very effective.  Just kidding.

My children are still asleep, I am somewhat awake, and I am going to go to bed now.

Sometimes I feel like my life is held together by God and a whole lot of COFFEE. But that's ok.

Good night.

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