Monday, May 28, 2012

Double Dead

So, where we live, they have a term: "Double Dead." It means that the meat you are buying was not only chopped up into bloody bits, it was dead before the butcher got his blade in on the action.

Basically, the deceased animal died from some hideous bovine infection, or swinely flu, depending on the type of meat. And then it got sold for food. This, thankfully, is illegal, but that don't mean it don't happen...It was on local news just the other night.

Anyway, we try to avoid Double Dead as much as possible. It just seems like overkill to us.

But, as we were discussing this, while Brooke was making burgers one day, we realized we had come up with our own version of near-lethal unhealthiness on a plate: The Four-Way Burger.

We hardly ever buy beef here, because it's normally really expensive. So we use pork. Basically, this a way to make a pork burger taste really, really good.

 We didn't say good for you.

What does "Four-Way" stand for? Why, four kinds of fat in one burger, my friend.
First, Brooke, my personal chef, takes ground pork, and adds bits of bacon to it. Two kinds of fat so far.

Then, she cooks it, (perfectly, I might add) and on goes cheese, (for those who don't know, that is loaded with fat) and then, the Healthy fat for the day: Avocado!

It is probably three days worth of my RDA of lard in one meal. And it's amazing.

 I am normally the Condiment King. The more ketchup, mustard, and bbq sauce the better. I ate these burgers sans extra unnecessary flavors, because there was soo much flavor in the burger! I didn't even use ketchup. That's a first for me.

Double-Dead? Ha. That's nothing. We've got it 4 Ways!

Hmm...I hear they have a Peanut Butter Burger somewhere out East...Maybe we should make it a 5-Way...

(Disclaimer: we do not approve of too much fat in your diet. We eat these burgers very seldom. If our health insurance company is reading this, please don't drop our coverage. We eat heart-healthy oatmeal for breakfast all the time. We love these burgers, but please enjoy responsibly and at your own risk.)

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