Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear ______,

Some friends in Africa have this Dear ______, feature on their blog...  It makes me laugh...and I love reading it every week.  Anyway...we thought we'd steal the idea from it gives us on outlet for our sarcasm. (And occasionaly some simply thankful and happy comments. Just to show we're not ONLY sarcastic.)

Barista at my Local Coffee Shop, When I ask for an extra shot in my that so difficult to understand?  Please put it in my cup instead of giving it to me on the side.  And, by the way...why do you look at me like I'm crazy when I tell you not to put sugar or cream in it?  I just want a good, strong cup of coffee.  Am I asking too much?

Pool Employee, I am assuming it was just an oversight when you walked past the young boy peeing into the concrete swan next to the pool on your way to scold my children for playing in the water fountain.

ROTC that runs past my house at 5:30 AM EVERY Saturday morning chanting and multiple times during the week, Could you please choose a different road this Saturday? Thank you.

Little Boys that Constantly Torment our Dog, One day he will be free…and you will be too slow.

Asia's Ballet Teacher, why did you text me to say that class will start an hour early…and then, show up 20 minutes late…

Ballet Teacher(Again), When you switch the class time to 8 AM…again…but don’t tell ½ of your students…it’s just as bad as coming late. 

Cousin that sent us some Starbucks Coffee, We are nominating you for Sainthood. 

Language Helpers (and everyone else who is willing to listen and smile at our fumbling attempts at the Visayan language)....THANK YOU!

Neighbor, When you arrive home late at night, and little children everywhere (including mine) are already sleeping, do you think you could limit your ear-shattering-horn-blowing-to-get-someone-to-open-your-gate to 10 seconds or less? Thank you.

Avocados, I'm so thankful you are in season.  Who knew there were so many things you could eat guacamole on?

CIty that we live in, You are fun and friendly and fairly small and we love you!
Power Company, it's been one week since we've had a brown-out. We love this, but is it for real?  After almost 3 months of daily power outages...We don't want to get our hopes up.

Fever and Coughs, (that 3 of our 4 children have) It's been a week. We've been polite and let you stay. Now please, please, go away.

Barista(Again), I think perhaps part of the reason that you cannot hear me is that small object in your ear connected to the mp3 player in your pocket. Perhaps if it is removed, we would be able to have our conversation about my coffee.

Brian, Perhaps we should be less sarcastic...or, maybe not!


Tania said...

Hee hee nice!! It's good to have an outlet huh? I hope that felt good! Sorry to hear the kids have been unwell, it's the season for coughs and colds. Hope everyone gets well soon!

Java with the Johnsons said...

Thanks! They're starting to get better now...but when there is 4, they go in cycles...