Thursday, May 3, 2012

The DaddyFit Diaries: Running to Stand Still

I haven’t run this fast in a long time. My breath is still under control, but I can tell that I’m pushing the pace. I’m still ok, but I’m getting worried.

Keep going!

My heart rate monitor tells me that I’m hitting mid-tempo pace, which means that I’m still good but I can’t go much faster or further at this point.

Come on! I can’t slow down now!

This is the point where all of the training starts to pay off.

“Slater, are you ok? Don’t go potty yet! We’re almost home. Daddy is running as fast as he can. Leif, sit still and don’t stand up in the stroller. Skye? How you doing back there, Skye?”

The jogging stroller has probably never been run this fast, at least not with three kids in it. It’s designed for two kids, normally has four, but right now Asia is at ballet class, so it’s thankfully lighter than usual. I’m only pushing 105 pounds.

Instead of visualizing that I’m running against the best of East Africa, I am running against the bladder control of a 3.5 year old boy who just started potty training 10 days ago.

Professional athletes are running for pride, podium finishes and a paycheck. I’m running to keep my jogging stroller pee-free.

I can do this.

We speed through the finish line (aka front door) and I send my boy straight to the bathroom.

Who needs gold medals. We made it to the toilet on time.

Somewhere in between having four kids in three years and moving to another country, my running got put on hold just a bit. My 5-K PR was set several years ago, back when I had one kid. Brooke had just gotten pregnant with the twins, and ironically enough, I never ran that fast again.

For several years now, training has been sporadic at best. I still run races, but not fast enough.
I don’t have the time. We have full-time ministry, we’re trying to stay sane in a developing country very far away from family, and oh yeah, we have four kids 5 and under.

I try to catch up with things, but in fitness and life, I feel like I’m running just to stand still. Which is also a good old U2 tune.

Or, maybe another way of putting it is—I have to live in fast forward to accomplish things in slow motion.

I don’t have time for long runs. A long run if I’m lucky might be 35 minutes.

But, I really don’t want my kids to stop thinking I’m the Strongest Daddy in the World next year. And I would like to stay semi-healthy for them and my wife.

So, welcome to the DaddyFit Diaries. Life is complicated, and so is fitting in time to exercise. But there are ways to do it. And ways to do it in less time.

Go check out E is for Exercise, for some ways to start working out with your kids. And next week, I’m thinking of: Goals. But not soccer goals.

Realistic exercise goals for a daddy of four.

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