Thursday, May 10, 2012

The DaddyFit Diaries: Goals

Back when I was young and single and had all the time in the world, I used to make goals.

Because of my place in life, they could be fairly esoteric goals. The kind where you say, "If I aim for the moon and miss, I will still land among the stars!" Yay. Flowers and helium balloons for everybody.

My list of goals back then couldn't really be called a bucket list. A bucket would have overflowed.

It was more like a 55-gallon drum, full of dreams and ideas and fitness goals and unrealistic plans. Some of the top goals: everything from running the Athens Marathon to writing a New York Times Bestseller to working as a janitor in Antarctica, to getting married and having kids. Well, one out of 4 'aint bad.

Now, with 1 wife and 4 kids 5 and under, my goals have to be more like Houston, Mission Control.

 Mission Control goals go like this: "If I aim for the moon and miss, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin will be lost in space, run out of oxygen, and then they will die!"

In other words, if I don't make a very short list of very specific goals with action steps, all of them will be assimilated into the massive overcommitted Borg that is my life, and quietly disappear. (If you don't know what The Borg is, watch more Star Trek.)

Exercise goals are tough, because it's easy to push them onto the back burner of life.

If you want to make and accomplish goals, you have to figure out what your motivation is.

I can say: I don't want to be fat.

I want my wife to think I'm hot.

I want my kids to think I'm still the strongest man in the world.

Those all help. But they're too vague. I need Mission Control goals.

So, I have decided on 3. All those exercise and running mags say you should identify several specific goals to shoot for. That way, if you miss the moon, you at least have an Apollo 13's chance of making it back to earth alive, which is always a good secondary goal.
PR day, long ago. Only one baby. Brooke did the 5-K pushing Asia. (Well she did it with the twins also. They were in her tummy) Bro-in-law Brandon ran faster than I will ever run and got second place. Mom-in-law got second in her age group, so did I, and Brooke got a trophy for being the fastest stroller-pusher.
I like to run-- and I run 5-K's. My PR (Personal Record) was 20:23, and I did it back when we had 1 kid. Shockingly enough, having 3 more kids in rapid succession did nothing for my running speed, and I still haven't come close to that time again. But, I would like to.

So here are the goals for 2012: First goal: Run a sub-21 minute 5-K. (I figure having three more kids may have slowed me down for good. Let's be realistic here.)

Second goal: Break my PR. That would be awesome. but not easy.

Third goal: Break 20 minutes. That would be beyond awesome, as well as not super likely. But, we can always dream. Seeing "19" on the clock would rather cool.

To do these things, I have to work a lot on my overall fitness, and obviously I have to run as much as I can. And, if I can use these goals as motivation to exercise when I would rather roll over and play Dead Daddy, I have already won. Sort of.

Our lives are super busy. I only have minutes a day to exercise to make this work. I gotta be efficient.

I'm pretty curious as to whether I can actually be faster than my pre-4-kid-family self.

This should be interesting. Of course, the funny thing is, even if I reach my ultimate goal, I will still be like 6 minutes slower in a 5-K than a really good runner. That means when I have about a mile left to go, the pros are already done. (Sigh.)

Does that make my goals meaningless? Well, sort of, but...No! Not really. The biggest competition in your life is you! Carpe curso! (I think that sort of means "seize the run" but it's probably really bad Latin)

I am running against that long-haired cocky punk that is my younger high-school self, and running to stay semi-in-shape for the beautiful family God has given me. And running to try to forget that I graduated from high school almost (gasp) 20 years ago. All good reasons.

Next week: First Race of the Year....I'm excited already!

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