Monday, May 7, 2012

The Cat in the Hat: What's Wrong With That?

The book I am reviewing is called The Cat in the Hat
Now why, do you ask, should I have a problem with that?

Well, this book is not good, this book is not right, you should not read this book to
your children every single night.

The hero of this story walks into a home
where he is a stranger and there are children alone.

The hero of this book
The hero of the day
should be that grouch of a fish who
always has something grouchy to say

But the fun ones in this story are those annoying Things in red
Who make a disaster of the house and make a mess of the bed

Dr. Seuss or Mr. Geisel, whichever you prefer,
All I can say is,
What were you thinking, sir?

There is a rumpus in the Rec room and some kites flying through the door
There is food and furniture flying and stuff left all over the floor

And then in the end of this rampage, is there personal responsibility ahead?


Mr. Cat in the Hat brings in his Thingamajigger and cleans up everything
including the bed.

No, that is not right, that is not good.
It is not so easy to clean up a house, I hope that is understood.

Mr Fish
Yes you,

The misunderstood minnow swimming there in a half-full pot.

It's ok. I applaud you.

I appreciate you a lot.
The end.

Ok, just kidding. I like Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss as much as the next kid. Just saying. Sometimes when I read kid's books and old fairy tales, I'm like...what kind of a moral does this story bring?

Just some thoughts to think about if you are in the mood for thinking.

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Tania said...

YES!! Very clever, I've often thought the fish was unappreciated! Could be your house, right? You have thing one and thing two, Sally is your little Skye, you just need to change the boy to a little Asia. So the real question - who is the fish in your house? (ie the bad cop parent!)