Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Wedding

They say Virginia is for Lovers. Well, we'll vouch for that.
A long time ago, on a continent far, far away...two people went to Virginia Beach as singles. They left with rings.
This year we will celebrate 9 years of marriage---and this is where it all started.
We got married at Cape Henry, next to Old and New Cape Henry Lighthouses.
It was small, just family and pastor. About thirty people. Perfect size. The whole wedding party was barefoot.

We had AWESOME hammered dulcimer music from my amazing cousin.
And, there was a pod of dolphins playing offshore during the ceremony. I think some of those in attendance enjoyed watching the dolphins more than the proceedings... :)
This pretty much sums up us-- I'm being serious about something, perhaps rolling my eyes just a bit, and Brooke is laughing...she was mocking me about something...during the wedding photo shoot. Micah, Brooke's older brother, took our pics. You did a great job Mikey!
And, this is us. We were so blessed to have an amazing beach wedding, after being officially engaged for only 10 days. (But that's another blogpost.)

The wedding was small, but the ladies in Brooke's home church heard about our wedding, and with about one week notice, (and without us even asking) they threw an amazing reception at the church!

We had a beatiful wedding cake, all kinds of food, and tons of people came who had known Brooke when she was little. (Lots of them knew Brooke's mom when she was little. And, most of the ladies, and some of their daughters,who did our reception had also done the reception for Brooke's parents wedding years ago!)

Two weeks after getting married, we were flying to Taiwan to work at a Christian school there.

But we will never forget our Day at Cape Henry, and those lighthouses will always be ours.


Donna Amis Davis said...

Oh, good, Brian, I'm so glad you worked in that little fact that your engagement was a whole 10 days long, so I didn't have to bring it up here in the comments!

Happy 9 years together!

weasel said...

robbing the cradle