Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Tiegs

I know, I know...seriously, before I was married...I had never met anyone in my whole life with the same last name as me...that I wasn't related to...  And now, I have the 2nd most common last name in the USA...hello, BORING!  But anyway...moving on...I'm sure I'll eventually get over it.
It all started with these 2...  Mom, I'll try to refrain from commenting on your hair through out these pictures...but NO PROMISES!!!  You guys haven't changed a bit.  haha!  And Dad, oh my goodness, are you smiling???? 

My parents were missionaries with NTM before I was born...We moved to the Philippines when I was about 2 1/2 months old...and lived there until I was almost 16...well, we did have furloughs occassionally. 
 At first it was just 2 and my big bro!  See how much Skye looks like this one! 
 Just had to throw in this other Skye look-alike picture.
And then, there were 4 kids...  This is my Asia look-alike picture...if she had bangs.  And all I have to say is...OH MOM!!! And Dad...I totally remember that shirt...I think mom tried to throw it out...about a million times. 
This is the last picture I have of me with all my siblings...back in August of 2009...before we moved to the Philippines.

Micah attends Midwestern and is studying to become a Physicans Assistant.  Of course, this is after he already has a degree from College of the Ozarks in Business or something or other.

Holly lives and works in Missouri...where my folks live.  She is coming to visit us this summer and we are all very excited!
Brandon is at Cornell and is getting his PhD in some Chemistry thing...honestly, I don't even understand it...something with polymers...  Basically, he's just way too smart for all of us.

This is the last family picture of all of us...before we moved here to the Philippines...  Minus Skye cuz she wasn't born yet.  Geez, Brandon, you're like freakishly tall...or maybe it's just your fro. And Micah, you know what I want to say about you in this picture.
My folks now...See...They've hardly changed. Still missionaries with NTM...but now based in the USA.  My mom really has beautiful hair...and I wish I looked like her...but unfortunately...the Tiegs genes were strong in me...and I look just like my dad.

Well, that's my family...when we're all's LOUD, and CRAZY...with about a million conversations going on at once...a few wrestling matches between my dad and bros...and loads of cooking with my mom!  Oh, and I almost forgot...we all love to pick on/tease Brian. Mostly, because we ALWAYS get a reaction out of him. But, my family ALL loves Brian...  Actually, I'm pretty sure they like him more than they like me.  :) parents always told us that they didn't care what we did with our long as we were walking with God and seeking His will for our lives.  I think that's a pretty great thing to teach your kids...and I desire to teach my Fantastic 4 the same thing.


Jenn DeAtley said...

I love these alphabet posts. Cute idea. Fun family pics too!!

Anonymous said...

This was such a fun read, Brooke. :>) There are a couple of photos I didn't have so saved them. Yes, easy to see who the girls take after. I'm glad you're a femmine version of your dad. You are much prettier than he is. :>) You all are a wonderful, fun, close family and Brian has definitely added another flavor to the mix. We thank God for all of you.