Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Slater & Skye

I think it's kind of ironic that Slater & Skye are sharing this post...because of our 4 kiddos...they are the 2 that do NOT like to share with each other.  They don't like to share toys. They don't like the other one sitting next to me or sitting on my lap. They don't even like to sit next to each other. I'm praying that eventually this will change...  
Slater has a hilarious has really started to come out the last couple of months.  He LOVES playing with playdough, legos, blowing bubbles outside, playing outside...and lately, doing crafts.  EVERY single night for the last 3 months, he has thanked God for "the donuts."  No joke!  I don't actually give him donuts every night...we're not that bad of parents...he's just really, really thankful when he does get some, and that thankfulness lasts for a really really long time. 
He made 52 "cookies" out of playdough in one sitting. He can literally play with playdough by himself for over an hour...which is pretty impressive for a 3 year old.
This just kind of sums up Slater to me...he tends to be very cautious/standoffish around new people and places...and it takes him a while to warm up to new things.  But once he's comfortable...he's as crazy as usual. 
Skye can pretty much be summed up by her very first sentence...  "I DO IT MYSELF!"  She does not want help to get dressed...even though...she isn't capable of dressing herself.  She doesn't want help washing her hands...even though...she can't even reach.  She may not be able to make you give in...but she can make you wish you had.  She is EXTREMELY stubborn...and I'm pretty sure she gets that from Brian.  :)  haha 
This month we have been working on not sucking her thumb any more...she still sucks it...but is getting much better.
Skye wants to do ANYTHING that her siblings are doing and thinks that she can keep up with them.  She is super, super almost 21 months she is still wearing 9 to 12 months size clothes...but she doesn't want to sit in a high chair and she doesn't want to drink out of sippy cup...NOBODY ELSE DOES. 

I love my kiddos, but taking care of them all day long, every day goes beyond what I am able to do in my own strength. I am positive the Lord gave them to me to conform me to the image of Christ & to teach me to rely on Him moment-by-moment of EVERY DAY! 


fiveintow said...

We have two that clash as well, my second and third. The tension is pretty one-sided. My son seemed to resent the fact that my daughter was ever born. She adores him, but he just gets on her about every little thing. It's heartbreaking, but we're working on it. Some days, I wonder if we're making any progress! But if nothing else, God is using this for my sanctification as well.

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate this, Brooke. We feel like we know Slater & Skye now. Hope you'll do one on Asia & Leif. Skye must be related to her Aunt Jodi. "I do it myself" & "Show me" were her fav sentences. As to siblings Shane & Jodi tell us how they didn't get along. I don't remember that. Paul T says when he told Shane he wanted to marry Jodi Shane acted dumbfounded and said "Why would you want to do that?" I think they love each other now,tho. :>)

Kathleen said...

"She may not be able to make you give in...but she can make you wish you had." This reminded me of our "stubborn child" who by God's grace, has turned into a beautiful godly woman!
And regarding your comment, "I am positive the Lord gave them to me to conform me to the image of Christ & to teach me to rely on Him moment-by-moment of EVERY DAY!"... A friend shared a quote with me awhile back: "God doesn't give us the kids we want. He gives us the kids we need."