Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for "Quiet Time"

To all the parents out there, who dream of finding a Cone of Silence (see old show "Get Smart") inside which they can be transported to a magical land that has a magical quality: the absence of sound.
But they can't! Because they have no Cone of Silence and magic isn't real and their kids are screaming again.

This is for you.

This morning when I woke up at 5:15
because my children were once again screaming for me
I paused for a second and stopped to dream
of a place where I sometimes longed to be

This place was magical, it is true
on no known map, this I knew
But I had a longing still
to find this place
this place full of quietness and silence and grace

So in my mind to the sky I flew, my house full of toddlers left askew
The screams slowly faded and I was alone,

In my coffee shop in the clouds
My Quiet Time Zone

In this wispy wonderland of caffeine and dreams,
there were no fighting children, only silence and me
So I sat for a while and listened to the sound.
of silence.
It can get fairly loud

I tried to read a book
To play chess with myself
To compliment me on my excellent health

But suddenly as I sat in the Cumulus of my quiet dreams
I realized that silence is not quite as wonderful as it seems

Really really really
Really really
darned soon
Those noisy little annoyances will move out of our home

And they'll leave me alone
hopefully they'll have time to phone,
and my wife and I will feel amazingly alone

So I jumped down in haste from my magical land,
back to a place where play-dough and crayons are
the coolest things in demand

And I realized.
I'll take the noise.
Those are the cutest kids in the universe.
Those are my girls and boys.

Don't grow up 2 fast!
Quiet Time will be nice someday,
but I would really prefer for my babies to stay.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You can enjoy it on furlough someday! I'm sitting here noticing that even though there is a little nephew jabbering away beside me it is otherwise silent. No horns, diesel engines, roosters, fans or aircons etc. One voice = silence :)
Ps the furnace just kicked on too but that also seems silent :(