Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Leif

Oh, what to say about Leif...
He's the oldest of the 8 whole minutes.  :)
He LOVES to color and he LOVES to do puzzles and he LOVES to play with legos.  He calls the color blue...GLUE.  He loves to play outside and is getting pretty good at running with Daddy.

EVERYTHING is his FAVORITE. "Water is my FAVORITE!" "Pancakes are my FAVORITE!"  "Green soap is my FAVORITE!"  And on and on every day. Apparently FAVORITE at this point is a general appreciation word. Either that or he is very fickle about his FAVORITES. I'm thinking the former.

Every night, he thanks God for his scooter, his puzzles, and tonight he thanked Him for pancakes.
Right now, he has horrible heat rash.  Praying that it gets better soon!

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Tania said...

Loving your ABC blogging. Your children are so gorgeous and super photogenic!!
Whats the story behind how you named Leif? Wasn't there a Leif that discovered America before Columbus?