Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Insect

This morning, the boys were freaked out to go in the bathroom, because somehow a colony of gnats (or something) had decided to camp out on the tile floor. So, this is as good a day as any to talk about bugs.

There are insects where we live. Our favorite in Manila was the cockroach.

This guy. When I used to go out to our dining room at night in Manila, it sometimes reminded me of that deleted scene in Indiana Jones where he falls 300 feet into a pit, looks around and says:

"Cockroaches. Why did it have to be cockroaches?"

Didn't see that scene? Well, they should have made it. It would have been a doozy.

We can't stand the things, and we never got rid of them. One night we discovered their egg pods in the boys dresser, and I literally spent the entire evening cleaning out what would have been thousands of the little.....but this is a G-rated blog, so I'll leave it at that.

Ants. These are our new friends. We had them in Manila, but now, they are EVERYWHERE. Sometimes in the (sealed) sugar container. Always on the floor, counters, walls...EVERYWHERE. Often driving us crazy.
Then...Termites. When we had to leave stuff in storage for 6 months down here, we made a termite queen and her family VERY happy. They had time to literally eat away over a foot of wood on the wall of one of our cabinets, and basically ruined it. They also made a meal of one of our desks.

Currently they are feasting on the doors in our house, and leave little piles of termite dust under them almost every day. Thanks termites.
And, just had to throw in the Atlas moth because it was like the size of Skye's head.

Back when we lived in the US, we saw the occasional ant, and every once in a while knew someone who had termites in their house. Insects indoors were an occasional annoyance.

But here,  it feels more like a never-ending battle against the little six-legged monsters for the survivial of our home. They would like to eat it up and spit it out, and we would really prefer that they did not. So, there is daily conflict. Right now I'm not sure who's winning. I just caulked up the home of another ant army, and they haven't regrouped yet. Perhaps today, we won a battle. But I have a feeling they'll be back tomorrow.

God made all insects for a reason. Until I get to heaven, I will not know the reason for some of them. But thats ok.

Pictures courtesy of Google! (except for one)


Anonymous said...

We feel your pain... even now we have discovered termites in the other half of our closet. The other half was completely replaced about 6 months ago so I guess they'll have to come and replace the other half after all.


P.S. Oh, and this week we found flour that actually comes in a sealed plastic bag--- wow, someone is actually thinking!!! Maybe less chance of bugs in the flour now.

Anonymous said...

Well, this week I have rediscovered Ladybugs. They are unlike the bugs I left behind in the Philippines but they are annoying and currently landing on my computer and in my bed :( In a few weeks we'll be annoyed by blackflies too. So I'm reminded that there are pesty insects all around the world!

Dennis and Valerie said...

Gross. I remember freaking out because I had a little trail of ants in my kitchen in Canada. Yes, freaking out. I was worried about putting poison out because I had a baby crawling around, etc. Anyway, now I see an ant or termites in my closet and I'm like, oh, there they are again. Close the door and worry about it later.