Sunday, April 8, 2012

H is for Holy Week

This year, we celebrated Holy Week with a lot of crafts, some special food,and read a Bible story every night  finishing with the empty tomb!
He is Risen!
 Acting out the Triumphal Entry...with Daddy as the donkey.  The kiddos waved "palm branches" and shouted "HOSANNA!" If you haven't been reading our blog lately-- they boys have been potty training, so they were still in the underwear-only training stage for Palm Sunday. We stayed home and did church as a family.
Asia with her homemade palm branch...

   Leif & Asia also colored some pictures.
 We had cupcakes with m&m carrots on top.
 They made these...and they learned about Jesus dying on the cross.
 Paper Plate Easter Bunnies
 Dyeing eggs...a first for the boys.  :)  The kids then proceeded to eat 11 boiled eggs for lunch between the four of them.
 Reading the Easter story.
 Easter Egg Hunt. That would be Skye, pilfering her sister's egg.
 Decorated foam eggs.
 Easter AM...with their bubbles from their Easter baskets.
All our sweeties.

We also had Hot Cross Buns and the kiddos colored pictures of the Resurrection...but I don't have pictures of that stuff.  Needless to say...we had a busy week.

Happy Easter everybody.

He is Risen indeed!

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