Saturday, March 31, 2012


Some days having twins really kicks me in the hiney.  Today was one of those days.  haha
I'll just give you a run down.
We started potty training the boys...this was their 1st pair of underwear...they wanted to wear the same ones....those lasted about 15 minutes. hahaha  needless to say...we had lots of underwear changes today.  a couple of hours into potty training...I realized that I had greatly underestimated how much underwear we would need.  With brownouts and low water pressure...I can't count on doing laundry all the time...  Thankfully, I could run to a store in town and get some more.

BTW...I use the timer/reward with candy method. hahaha  We set the timer and go to the bathroom every time it goes off...  They get 1 piece of candy for going pee and 2 pieces for going poop.  I had some Nerds in my they only get a tiny piece of candy. haha  Love this age...they are thrilled...even with a teeny tiny piece.  :)
Brian took our dog for a run...I finally was able to get a shower...and Brian did the dishes in between taking the boys to the bathroom.  Littlest girl decided that she also wanted to potty train.  Thankfully, the novelty wore off pretty quickly...because I am just not up for potty training 3 @ once.  Besides...she's sooo tiny she would need a step ladder to get on the toilet. 

We spent the AM taking the boys to the bathroom & cleaning up messes. I ran to the store to buy more underwear and some stuff for lunch. I made lunch.  Yay for sloppy joes.  Brian had a guy here working...he built me a table to put my herbs on (so Bear doesn't dig them all up)...and did some other yard work.

The afternoon...was more taking the boys to the bathroom...  I also finished up the kids palm frond craft...I don't have pics of it yet...but it was not a craft for young children. 

Skye woke up after less than an hour nap...

Brian went to pick up my chicken order(I have to order ahead if I want boneless, skinless chicken breast). He also picked up a quilt that I had washed at a laundry place in it won't fit in my washing machine.  He bought worm medicine...cuz well, you's that time again. hahaha  Gotta deworm every few months.  :)  The joys of being a missionary.  He also picked up some printing from a printer in town...another Visayan Grammar book for us....and a paper on Missionary Stress...which kind of made us laugh today!
I planted some herbs...which I'm very excited, I hope they grow. You can't really buy fresh herbs here...1 time I saw parsley and about 3 times I've seen cilantro.  So, i'm really praying that these grow...cuz I LOVE to cook with fresh herbs!
I also tried my hand at making ricotta and cottage cheese.  The ricotta turned out awesome...but my cottage cheese turned out exactly like the ricotta...which I don't really mind cuz I love ricotta...but I really wanted some cottage cheese too.  Anyway...I'm going to have to work on the cottage cheese recipe...and figure out what I'm doing wrong. 

Took the boys to the bathroom about 20 more times. Made supper..FRENCH TOAST!  yay!  Everybody loves breakfast for dinner.  By this time the boys were pretty tired about going to the bathroom and were almost begging to put diapers on.  haha 

We made it through bathtime and bedtime and Brian & I are pooped....oops...tired...sorry...Ithink that's what's on my brain... 

Why is potty training soooo exhausting?  It could have something to do with taking the boys to the bathroom about 100 times today...and unfortunately...that's NOT an exaggeration.  I remember being sooo tired after potty training Asia all day...and seriously...she was potty trained in 2 days...  The boys...well...the boys are different.  :)  My mom told me to have VERY, VERY low expectations.  I told's a good thing I'm a natural pessimist.  :) hehe  The boys did pretty much how I thought they would's going to take quite a while to get them trained.  hahaha  I knew it would be much harder to potty train twin boys versus Asia...but WOW!  It was hectic! 

Anyway...that's a glimpse of our Twin-sanity Saturday!  Wonder what tomorrow will be like?!? 

So thankful that I know WHO holds the future!!! 

For I can do all thing(including potty train twins) through Christ who gives me strength. Phil 4:13

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Kristen said...

Oh man! I know exactly what you mean. I camped out in the bathroom with my twins when we potty trained. I literally sat on the floor with Faith and a math book while we waited for one of them to We blew through our underwear stash in a couple hours too, and they had to wear their sister's princess undies for a bit until I could get to the store!!! It is exhausting. And yes, boys are different! They just don't care about being wet or getting messy or even being grown up. Hang in there!!!