Friday, March 9, 2012


This year Brian & I have wanted to do better about sending out updates, blogging, etc.  For about 6 months...we were in major in the mission guest house...and it was pretty crazy and hard on the family...  So, last month...I blogged a couple of times...and this month...I'm trying again.  ha!  No promises people...  Anyway...just to catch you up...  We moved to a different island...tried to find a place to live for 6 months and now, we are studying a new language and culture.  
I spend my days being a mom to the 4 kiddos, preparing meals(everything has to be made from scratch), keeping the house going(we do have 2 wonderful helpers during  the week) and language learning...oh, and being a wife. hahaha Thought I'd throw that in there for my darling husband.  :)  No, have NOT been forgotten...but have we even talked today?!?  :)  No, seriously...have we?!?  :)  Sometimes, it feels like we are 2 ships passing in the night.  :)  But such is life with 4 little kiddos. it goes...

 Skye loves her older siblings...and tries to do EVERYTHING that they do...she is 19 months...but thinks that she is going on 5 years old.  haha  She talks a TON...and even knows quite a few Visayan words. 
 Here we are @ church...palm leaves for a roof and no walls...  it's awesome...and it's pretty much purely in Visayan(the language we're trying to learn), it's a huge help to us. 
 Just leaving & sweaty from playing with their friends...but they really love it...they can even sing a song in Visayan...and have learned part of another. 
 gotta love 'em!  Asia is still our little princess...she loves all things GIRL...  Hoping to start Kindergarten with her in the next couple of months.
The boys always keep us busy...we're never sure what they are going to do next.  They are finally starting to dress themselves...and sometimes they dress the same and sometimes they don't.  I still haven't potty trained them...I keep planning on doing it...then, some more unexpected craziness comes up...and I don't want to start when things are crazy...but, I'm beginning to think that our life is just always going to be like that...and I'm going to have to figure out a way to potty train them amid the insanity. 

Well, I'm going to end this for are finally down for the night...  It's been a hectic day.  We've had 2 brown-outs...and I already lost a previous blog.  :)  That along with very low water, I haven't had a shower today...not to mention the piles of laundry that are stacking up.  An unexpected visitor from a different city a few hours away...that we spent over an hour talking to about language learning(he is also trying to learn Visayan...but doesn't have any help).  It's almost the end of, I went and bought some plants for our flowerbeds...our dog dug up all the other ones(I had a fence built around them).  :)  I did my 6 hours of language study  and I still haven't eaten supper.  I'm not sure if I need to though...As Leif grabbed my belly fat and giggled today! haha!

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mattanderin said...

haha! What belly fat!? You look great in all your pictures :) So curious...are you still planning on doing 6 hours of language study a day when you start homeschooling? Or will that kind of change your schedule around?