Monday, March 26, 2012


Lately, I've been wondering if the craziness of our life is just what our life is going to be like.  Maybe CRAZY is our NORMAL.  hahaha  Just something I've been pondering.  :)
 Brian takes the kids for a walk around the neighborhood almost every gives me around an hour of "quiet" language study time.  On this particular AM...he noticed a huge gathering of firefighters...they were having a firefighters olympics.
 My 2 little firefighters LOVED watching.
 Here we are with one of the groups competing.
 Just a shot of my crazy kiddos.
 On Wendel's last day here...he asked me to make tacos...  Since we have to make our own tortillas...I "made" him roll them out.  :)  actually, he loved it...and we all had some good laughs.
 Normal sight @ our house...this makes me laugh!!!
Last Thursday, we made the attept to go back to also, happened to be the day that Wendel was flying back to Manila...  So, Wendel, my helper Bebe, Skye & I rode the bus for 3 hours...and thankfully, everything went pretty smoothly and quickly @ immigration...  We even got to go to Starbucks...where Wendel made me take a picture of him in his Kaamulan shirt.  haha  The guard also got on us about giving Skye "outside" food(goldfish crackers), I had to put it away...which of course, resulted in a breakdown from Skye.  haha  But don't worry...about a minute later one of the baristas came over with a mug and told me just to put Skye's snack inside of it couldn't be seen. hahaha  Anyway...we said goodbye to Wendel...and rode the bus 3 hours back home.  :)
Then, on Friday, I rode the bus back to Cagayan.  It is the closest "big" city...there is a starbucks, mcdonalds, movie theaters, and has quite a bit of American food available.  I hadn't been there to really shop in almost 2 months...  I had an amazing time.  Brian let me stay overnight...and I was able to get almost everything on my list.  I even got my haircut(hadn't had one in about 7 months), a pedicure, a massage(the perks of living in a developing's really cheap)...and I got to see a movie!!!!  But honestly, the most enjoyable part of my time there was sitting in Starbucks waiting for the mall to open so I could finish up my shopping.  I ordered 2 drinks... haha  I know...  But seriously, you need the cold one to get the caffeine in quick...while the hot one is too hot to drink.  Honestly, I wouldn't do that if I lived near a starbucks...but honestly, I don't know when I'll be going back, I get it when I can.  :)  Anyway...I sat there for a long time reading my kindle...and it was awesome...  I reminded me soo much of the times before we had kids...Brian & I loved to sit in coffee shops...reading books and sipping coffee...we could do it for hours!!! overnight was awesome...and I went home feeling like a "real" person. 

On a side note...after having my haircut and a pedi...the girl asked me if I wanted my eyebrows plucked...ummm...not sure how to take that...are you saying my eyebrows need to be plucked???

Anyway...on Sunday....I was the slave...oops, I mean, MOM again...  I spent the day in the kitchen...made runzas and a double batch of muffins.  But after supper...Slater went running towards the playroom.  He stopped, turned and around and said, "Mom, you're the best cook."  Then, went running on.  AWWW...Just what I needed!  It is sooo worth spending all that time in the kitchen...when my sweet little boy who doesn't talk too much...says something like that.

Well, that's a bit of our CRAZY NORMAL.

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Tanafox said...

Brooke I'm so glad you were able to get time to be renewed & rejuvienated. Our mommy lives do keep us very busy. When I can sneek in a day of pampering it reminds me that God loves me and created me in His image of beautifulness! Which definately needs refreshing now & then. Our family is praying for your family. - Tana for the Hammonds