Sunday, March 11, 2012


Yesterday, I felt like we were a "normal" American family. Usually, my Saturdays start with me going to the market at around 6AM...buying my meat, fruits, veggies and rice for the week.  Then, I come home and deal with it...dividing my meat into ziploc bags and putting it in the freezer...washing and prepping veggies, etc.  Sometimes it means that I make food and freeze it, etc.  Anyway, all the prepping of food I do for the next week...often takes me the majority of my Saturday. 

But yesterday was different...we spent the most of the day working in our yard...Come on...isn't that what normal Americans do on Saturday?!?  Brian & I have moved sooo many times in our lives...and sooo many times since we've been married...we pretty much feel like the house we are living in is always just temporary.  Which is how we are supposed to feel as Christians, Right?!?  I tell myself that so, I don't get depressed. haha  Well, we don't know how long the Lord has us here...or how long we'll be living in this house...but it's the 1st place that we've ever really done yard work...  Sure, we've mowed the grass, rake leaves, shoveled snow in our previous places...  But, yesterday...we actually, bought and planted plants in our yard and flowerbeds.  CRAZY!!!  And the kids had a blast "helping" us.   
Skye mowing the lawn...Ummm, Skye, there isn't any grass right there yet. 
Asia stayed right with Brian...ask Brian what it's like trying to shovel with a kid hanging on to him.  :) 
She sure does like to be in the thick of things.
And of course, the boys shoveled/played in the gravel/sand pile in our backyard...still no permanent you can see. 
Asia posing by the flower bed right outside her bedroom window...We had to build fences around our flower beds so our crazy dog wouldn't dig up the plants...AGAIN!  I know that Cesar Milan would be very disppointed in my dog training...but frankly, I just don't have the time to sit outside and train him not to get into the flowers/plants.  The time I have to train him...I spend training him on how to act with my kids.
The plants sooo far...eventually, we'd like to add more.
Brian made me pose for this.  :)
This one...not posed...Brian just called my name... 
Watering the plans in the evening... BTW, like the color of my gate?!?  The landlord painted it just before we moved in...apparently, there have been a bunch of accidents @ our gate/fence...We heard that 2 people even, I say...Yay, to the white/orange fence...Please don't die in front of my house.
Thought some of you would like this one...

Anyway...I'm not sure what "normal" people do on Saturdays...cuz, well, I'll be the first to admit...that we are NOT normal.  :)  But we had an awesome day together as a family.  We've been sooo busy was nice to take a day and do something together.

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Shilo said...

I totally get this! We loved working in our yard in Paraguay too!