Monday, March 19, 2012

My Life Lately

This is kind of a random post...on things going on in our life...and just to show you what our life is normally like.  :) As usual, Facebook has more pictures.   
Skye loves to have her hair's the 1st thing she asks when she sees me in the AM...and lately, she insists on having a bow...such a girly-girl.  :)
Lunches look like this...Wendel's been here for 3 weeks...and our helpers eat with us...unless they need to go home to do something.
We put the lock up really high, so the kids couldn't reach it...  the 3 oldest worked together to collect chairs from all over the house...while little sister was the lookout.  :)
 Skye @ Sunday School
 Trying to get a family picture @ church...but the kids weren't cooperative.
Having green mango shakes...yes, I have crazy eyes.  :)  We've been enjoying having Wendel here...and he's a huge help to us in our Visayan language study.
Having coffee with the ladies...except we weren't able to have coffee cuz there was a brownout...  But, we found out today that there is an actual rotation schedule for when we are going to have them...  it goes like this:
Day 1: 10am-2:30pm
Day 2: 1pm -2:30pm
Day 3: 3:30pm -6pm
Day 4: 6pm-8:30pm
Today we are on Day 1 again.  It kind of makes me laugh...that there is an actual schedule...but I have to admit knowing when we are going to have a brownout is really nice...  It's just something to add to our planning...We have to make sure we get things done before or after the brownout. 
Grilling our porkburgers...I add bacon to the give it some more flavor...but we sure do crave a real beef burger sometimes.  :)
We were finally able to get a sofa for the they are trying to get the sofa in the basement/playroom/family room...they had to take off the legs.  it was quite hilarious to watch...

In other happenings...Skye needed to go to immigration for fingerprinting & picture, last Thursday...we left for the bus station @ around 5:45 AM...we rode a bus for 3 hours to the city that has the closest immigration office...we waited there for a couple of hours...then, they told us they were having problems connecting to the Manila Immigration, they told us to leave for a while...We went back to be told they were still having a problem...and didn't know when it would get in maybe next week.  So, we got back on the bus and rode the 3 hours home.  So, basically, in 12 hours...we were able to accomplish NOTHING.  Well, I can't say "nothing"...cuz I was able to go to Starbucks.  hahaha  But, it means that we have to go back this week...if the computer problem is fixed.  :)

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