Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Countdown to EASTER

Today is 12 days until Easter...How do I know this?!?  Well, I have a silly daughter who asks me EVERY day how many days it is until Easter.  :)  Anyway, I saw this Countdown to Easter on Pinterest...
and we decided to do a version of a way to teach the kids...that Easter isn't really about bunnies and candy...and well, Asia does ask EVERY day how many days are there until Easter. can check out the following website for more info...I am changing things around to suit me...but I think it's a cool idea.
Day 1 is based in Luke 1 with Gabriel telling Mary that she will have a baby and she is to name Him Jesus.  Asia sat for the story...and the boys...well, not so much...they ended up with timeout in their room.  :(  It's talking about what the name Jesus means...and we also talked about what their names mean. I was able to go through this with the boys @ bedtime when they were "calmed" down for bed. 
 Anyway...the day before I just used glue to draw on black construction paper...obviously, older kids could do this themselves...but I can't imagine giving glue to my darling boys @ this point in time. haha when the glue was all dry...they used chalk to color all over the black paper.  they had a grand old time...and made lots of handprints on the table too! 

 They really egg each other on...1 starts being crazy and the other joins in...then, it becomes a contest of who can be the craziest.  :)
 Here's the finished's a super easy simple craft for young kids...and it required very little prep work for me.  You could make lots of designs with the glue.
On funny note...I bought this pack of "farm" I want on the Plagues/Passover (which begins on Good Friday @ sundown).  Anyway...I had a good laugh over this set...check out the right side of the picture...since when are tigers, monkeys and dragons FARM ANIMALS?!?  hehe

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