Monday, April 11, 2011

No Daddy

Sorry for not posting sooner. But as many of you know...Brian was in Indonesia for a seminar for a week. He took the, I had no way to get pictures off the camera. Well, I survived taking care of all 4 kiddos...and actually, did more than survive. I LOVED it. It was sooo nice to just be a mom...instead of having to juggle caring for the kiddos and going to school...etc. We just hung out @ our condo...b/c we don't have a car...I can't go by myself in a taxi with 4 kiddos. Anyway, these are just some pics of when Brian was gone. We went swimming almost every day!!! Love living in the tropics. Here's the boys worn out from swimming!
Just a pic of the sweetest baby in the world!!
One day, I found this little boy reading daddy's Runner's World magazine!
Cutest Pizza Delivery Guy EVER!!!
Having a tea party!! Asia loves tea...her brother was quite adamant that he have coffee.
We played legos A LOT!
Standing up in her bed!
We read lots of books!
My little helpers making breakfast!
Silly boys!

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