Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andee's Birthday!

Our first day back to classes after our 2 weeks off...was hectic. I had class from 8 to 10. Then, had language helping from 10 to 12. Quick had lunch before Brian headed off to class from 1 to 3. Then, had to make a dessert for a meeting that we were going to have @ our house later in the evening. Then, I needed to take Asia to a party. When we got home for the party we had about 45 minutes to get the kiddos to bed before our meeting.(I'll try to do a post about the meeting too if I have time!) Anyway, Monday Asia was invited to the birthday party of one of her closest Filipino friends. They have played together since we moved here. She got an invitation that said it was starting @ 4pm. But I asked my Filipino friend and she said not to go until 4:30. So, we went @ 4:30 and we were the 2nd people there. :) We waited a 1/2 hour for more people to show up before the party started. The invitation also just said Asia...so, I left the boys & Skye @ home...but of course, when we got there...they were like...where are the boys? So, I had to text Brian to bring the other kiddos. :) Anyway...Asia had a blast...but she does LOVE parties! :) Here they are checking out one of Andee's new toys. Filipinos don't normally open gifts @ the party...but apparently, if the child begs enough...they get to open one! :)
Trying to feed the kiddos spaghetti and fried chicken...while they were running around...without making a huge mess! That didn't really work very well for me! :)
Asia with her friend Andee. Hard to get Asia to look @ the camera...when they have a HUGE flat screen tv!
The birthday cake and some of the food! The black dish on the right is something called dinuguan...is made with pork blood...and normally, the insides(intestines,etc)...but this one was made with regular meat...but still with the blood. :) Yummo!
Andee trying to blow out her candle!
Brian's turn...this time with cake and ice cream! :)
A fun time was had by all! :)

NatGeo Race

This past Sunday Brian ran in the National Geographic Earth Day run. This picture was on the front page of the Philippine Star newspaper!
He ran a 3k and the two other guys ran the 5k. Check out the bottom right hand corner of the picture where it says 2010. oops....whoever was in charge of that...messed up! :)

Daddy's Back

After Brian was gone for a week...the kiddos were sooo happy to have him back...but honestly, that first day...they were out of control. I don't really know what it was...I guess they were excited or something. We spent a couple days doing some fun things as a family...before we started back to school. Of course, we went swimming!
Daddy is much more fun to climb on than Mommy!
We went to our favorite mall to walk around...when you live in a city of 20 million people...that's what you do for fun! :)
We ate @ our favorite Indian place!
We fed the fish @ the mall...the boys like to get a little too close to the water for comfort!
They played with Legos @ the Build store!
And of course, 3 of the kiddos ended up sick...HA! Thank God that didn't happen when Brian was gone! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Brian in Indonesia

Just a couple pictures of Brian's time in Indonesia...He didn't have a camera...but some people there with him, took some pictures. Most of the time he was just sitting in meetings. But he was also asked to give a 30 minute devotional.
Here he's having "kopi luwak"...or civit cat poop coffee. NO JOKE!

Anyway...check out this link for more about it!

No Daddy

Sorry for not posting sooner. But as many of you know...Brian was in Indonesia for a seminar for a week. He took the computer...so, I had no way to get pictures off the camera. Well, I survived taking care of all 4 kiddos...and actually, did more than survive. I LOVED it. It was sooo nice to just be a mom...instead of having to juggle caring for the kiddos and going to school...etc. We just hung out @ our condo...b/c we don't have a car...I can't go by myself in a taxi with 4 kiddos. Anyway, these are just some pics of when Brian was gone. We went swimming almost every day!!! Love living in the tropics. Here's the boys worn out from swimming!
Just a pic of the sweetest baby in the world!!
One day, I found this little boy reading daddy's Runner's World magazine!
Cutest Pizza Delivery Guy EVER!!!
Having a tea party!! Asia loves tea...her brother was quite adamant that he have coffee.
We played legos A LOT!
Standing up in her bed!
We read lots of books!
My little helpers making breakfast!
Silly boys!