Monday, March 28, 2011

The Rainbow Run

So, Asia has been asking to run in a race for quite a while now. She knows daddy runs...and she likes to do things like daddy! :) On Sunday AM...we got up bright and early...actually, it was still dark...and went to a race. They have races here...really, really early...actually, this one started really late compared to started @ 6:30 AM. They ran in the 1k...and Asia had a blast. She walked some of it...but seriously had a good time...she keeps talking about it. Here they are before the race!
Check out Brian's number! You didn't know I married Bond...did you!?!
Fueling up before the race!
Waiting for the race to begin.
The cheerleaders!
Doing stretches before the race!

Getting to eat @ McDonalds after the race...might have been more exciting than the race! :)
A little girl was VERY hungry! :)


Me said...

I love this so much! What a great memory (and new tradition?)


The Hagens said...

LOVE it! the pics are adorable, and I love the memories that were made. family memories like that are too precious for words.

Stew Fam said...

Loved the pics!!! Miss you Brooker!