Monday, March 7, 2011

Peas in a Pod

When I found out I was pregnant with twins I wondered how Asia would get along with her siblings...since they are only 18 months apart...would they play well together, etc. You know...just the typical stuff a parent wonders about. Well, I will definitely say that they don't always get along...but they are like 3 peas in a pod. It's like having triplets...without all the hard work! :) We normally have to tell people that they are just twins and Asia is the older sister...because people think they are triplets. :) Anyway...Praise the Lord I only had twins! :) As they have gotten's really fun to see them all play together.
BTW...they are pretty great with Skye too. They are always very interested in what is going on with her.
Anyway...nothing too exciting going on here. Just plugging away @ language study...and enjoying the kiddos.
Here's some pics of this past week.
This past week I was getting ready to leave for class...and these sweet faces came to say goodbye! Don't the boys look hilarious!!!
Love this one!
3 Peas in a Pod
Brian was feeding Skye...and the other 3 went and got some of Asia's dolls and play food, bowls and spoons...and fed them while Skye was having her meal.
Just one last one of our sweet little pumpkin!
Anyway...The boys have taught Asia some biting, shoving, hitting...ummm...can't really think of anything very good that they've taught her. :) And Asia's taught them...well, about princesses and high heels. :) haha I'm sure it will all work on in the end. :)

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