Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Way-Back Wednesday: 1/2 Birthdays

Yesterday, my littlest princess turned 6 months old. As every parent out there has experienced...all you can think about is how quickly those months flew by. Skye is such a sweet, easy baby...which of course may change the more mobile she gets. :)
On my kids first 1/2 birthday...I make 1/2 a cake and we celebrate their life...or in the case of the boys...lives. :) Because of this I have pics of all my kids when they were exactly the same age. It was really fun for me to look back and realize how much they all look alike. They definitely are denying that!
Enjoy!Asia's 1/2 birthday...October 28, 2007.
Leif & Slater's 1/2 birthday...April 27, 2009.
Skye's 1/2 birthday...February 8, 2011
Of course, Brian & I also noticed various weight gains/losses. :)


Dennis and Valerie said...

:) Love this. So fun to have pictures to compare the kids. Yep, they definitely are siblings!!! :) I like the 1/2 cake idea. When I was 12 1/2 my mom made me a clock cake that had the time of 12:30 on it. It was pretty cool.

Me said...

Cute! I love it. I didn't notice weight gain and loss, but I did notice a difference in fatigue levels. You both look so fresh and rested with Asia and pretty worn out with the boys. =) Sure wish I could see your precious family in person. Love you guys!! Staci