Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skye's 1st Food

Well, Skye has finally tasted food. She has actually, eaten paper before...but that was on her dad's watch. :) hehe I always go through this huge decision making process over what my kiddos first food should be. For Asia it was bananas and she didn't have any grains until she was a year old. Then, the boys had some kind of cereal. With Skye, I wanted to have time to figure out what she should start with...but alas...I didn't have any. So, I grabbed a box of cereal and fed her. Oh, well...I had good intentions. :)
I'm not sure who is more excited about Skye trying food...her brothers were very interested in the whole process!
She honestly isn't a big fan...which doesn't shock me...since I had a horrible time with food when I was pregnant with her.
"I'm not sure about this!"
" Really, do you need to do this to me?!?"

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mattanderin said...

haha! I love that expression on the last picture! So cute :)