Monday, February 28, 2011

Reading, Swimming & Biting

This past week was a busy one.
On Tuesday, I went to the American Women's Bazaar with a friend that lives in our Condos. I had a great time and brought home some Indian food for Brian. Yummy!
We ended up taking of Friday and also, Monday of this catch up on some things that needed to be done. Brian cleaned out our storage area. We finished writing thank yous. I made granola and yogurt. Brian fixed the boys drawers that they had destroyed...lets see how long that lasts. I cleaned off our desk...but I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't be able to tell. Anyway...we've been working hard! Still hoping to make a dent in the Taxes today. :)
We also decided that we wanted to start taking the kids out on some "dates". Just individual time with each of them. Of course, we forgot to bring the camera... But, I took Leif out to Starbucks. I ordered him a milk and got a decaf iced americano for myself...and what do you think he wanted to coffee. :) Brian took Asia to McDonalds(or as they call it here...McDo). They got ice cream sundaes. Anyway...we've decided to take one kid out a weekend...if possible. Just to have some time with each of them...and to give them our undivided attention...
Anyway...Here's some pics of our week! Mag-Enjoy!
The kiddos reading before bedtime! The boys are finally starting to sit still for a few that we can read to them.
I got these rash guards @ the women's bazaar. It's almost summer here...(the hottest months of the year)...and we will be swimming a lot! Don't want these whities to get too much sun! :)
Skye had her very first dip in the pool. It was actually, really cold! But she liked it!
Daddy and the girls!
Skye's already getting into mischief with her all three of them are under the couch!
And just so you know what I mean when I say the boys are horrific biters...and they have turned Asia into one too. Here is Leif with this past weeks bite marks...check out his shoulder and forearm... Those are not shadows!!! I believe he also has one on his back and the side of his face. This is after he just recovered from the ones on his nose and upper lip. :)
But, before you go and feel all sorry for him...don't worry...he gives as good as he gets. :)
Hopefully, they'll grow out of this stage soon...cuz it's been going on for about 1 1/2 years now. :)

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