Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Normal" Days

Well, sometimes I don't know what to write. I want to keep people updated...but honestly, nothing that exciting is going on...mostly we're just trying to survive. haha Brian and I study really hard...Brian for 8 hours a day and I for 6. On top of that...taking care of the 4 kiddos keeps us really busy. Anyway...I'm, actually, trying to get some pictures taken to do a blog about our studying,'s kind of hard to get pictures that are interesting when mostly all we do is study Tagalog from morning til night. haha

Anyway, these are some pics from this "normal" week. Enjoy!

The sisters hanging out.

Chillin' with the bros!

Asia's been going to ballet on Saturday afternoons. It's been a great experience for her. Not only does she love dancing...but it's been a great time of social, a time for her to learn about being in "school". Listening to instructions and doing a group activity for an hour has been really good for her. But the truth is...I have learned a lot about Filipino culture during that hour. I never really knew about or understood the social class system before Asia started ballet. Anyway...I've met several parents and have had some interesting conversations while we wait for our daughters.

My Sweet Little Princess got her first two teeth this week! Of course, she was still perfectly sweet the whole time. :)

Brian & I have seen this sign several times...And while we know what they mean...the way it is said makes us laugh. :)

Here we are @ church. It's always a crazy time!

We've been doing a lot of swimming the last few days as summer is coming and it is getting quite hot here again!
Here is Skye just chilling out while we're swimming...Hoping to find her a swimsuit soon...cuz she loves it when we put her feet in!
Oh, and by the way...Skye started pulling herself up to standing this week!

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Mason Ian Bundschuh said...

Man, don't you just hate when your diggings get asphalted?

Talk about a rash.


p.s. love hearing about your adventures with "The Congregation" (aka your kids) We only have 2 and that exhausts us...