Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From Super Bowl to Valentines

What a great week!
Let me just say...this past week started off in an amazing way! My team won the Super Bowl! So very thankful to be rid of Brett Farve. I think I might be winning my husband over to the Packers...I think he's seeing the error of his ways in being a Vikings fan. And believe me...I know...how did we ever end up together. Two super competitive people...one who cheers for the Vikings and the smart one...who cheers for the Pack! :)
February 8th...we celebrated Skye's 1/2 birthday!
On Saturday, I took her to the doctor for her 6 month check up...she is a tiny little thing. Weighing in @ 12.78 pounds...and being about 2 feet tall. haha She got her shots and is really such a sweet thing...even though I know I say that all the time...it's sooo true.
Saturday also brought a small Valentine's party for all the MK's living in our complex.
We celebrated Valentine's Day on Sunday as we knew we would be way to busy on Monday. The kiddos made these cute pictures.
And I made some super yummy pasta with Puttanesca Sauce. One of my goals this year is to challenge myself more in the kitchen...using ingredients and methods of cooking that I never have before. Puttanesca Sauce is super flavorful...and had two ingredients that I have never used before...Capers and Anchovies. As someone might think that those are expensive ingredients...the prices weren't too bad here...and making a nice meal @ home was WAY cheaper than eating out!
I also made an Angel Food Cake...but I wasn't really happy with the way that turned out. :(
Brian and I had a nice evening together...just relaxing and watching a movie.
Monday's are always extremely busy for us. I have class @ 8 AM...when I get home...I have to feed Skye. Then, I make lunch for that day...and also, Tuesday's lunch...because, Tuesday is an extremely busy day @ our house. We eat lunch...then, Brian goes to class by 1 PM.
The boys are back into a poop painting phase. 6 of the last 7 days we've had poop on the floor, etc. Oh, and did I mention just taking their diapers off to peep all over the floor, etc. I think they are done having naptime. I just can't take it. Today, I had Asia stay in their room with them. She just called me everytime they took off their diapers. So, that helped...we still ended up with pee/poop on the floor...but not the messes of the previous days. However, it also meant that no one took a nap...but @ least I didn't have the mess.
Anyway...I posted the pic above...because...they really are sweet boys...when they are asleep. :) Just kidding...I know it's a phase and this too shall pass. But right now...I'm just trying to survive it. I'm serious, if it's not poop/pee...they are literally trashing the furniture in their room. They have broken every drawer in their wardrobe thing. They are super destructive!
Anyway...trying to laugh when I can...and enjoy them...but also just trying to survive them.
That was my week! Sorry if I totally disgusted you...but that's my life.


Shilo said...

My husband calls our youngest "destructo boy". So, you see...I can relate.
Love you. And yes, someday by God's grace they will be amazing men of faith and action! All that energy in His hands will be an powerful thing! Keep believing!
Love you, lady!

Stacie said...

Awww, poor mama! I have thus far avoided the poop painting phase with my kids but I know its very common and they will grow out of it (like that helps now, lol)

Kelly said...

I think you're amazing, Brooke. Brian is okay, too. ;) Love you guys.