Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last night I took Asia to her very first movie @ the theater. We saw "Tangled". Which I think teaches something about it being ok and normal to rebel against your parents...but that's a completely different blog post I think. :) It was cute and Asia LOVED it.
Here's Asia...Wanted!
Here's Asia with her good friend Alaena. Alaena and her mom came with us. It was also Alaena's first time @ the theater.
Asia & Alaena in the huge seats! They both ended up in our laps.
Asia couldn't take her eyes off the screen. She kept saying things like, "It's as big as the wall." And, "That's the biggest tv that I've ever seen." We don't have a tv...only a tiny little portable dvd, it doesn't take much to beat a 5 or 6 inch screen. HA!
Asia was thrilled! She loved the movie. And afterwards said, "Mommy, that was a cool movie!" Have I mentioned how much I love this age. Still excited over the little things...
Anyway, it was a cute movie, a great time with friends, and an awesome time with my daughter! Can't beat a night like that!

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phil and shell said...

So sweet! :0) We have a cinema like that in town, and it's still one of the funniest things to me. It doesn't really "fit" with everything else, but i don't care. It has AC, nice seats, it's nice and dark, they have popcorn (that actually tastes like popcorn!!) and cold soda... Seriously. What more could a person ask for?!?!?!? :0)