Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Greenbelty Day

Well, our staycation is almost over...we go back to school on Monday. We've mostly hung around the house...once we went to Mall of Asia on the other side of the city and another day we went to a little zoo. So, we decided to go to have one last hurrah.
We live in a city of 20 million people...with really only one park to speak of...and it's around an hour away from us. Which may not seem like a big deal to you...but for us that means sitting in a super hot taxi, in crazy traffic, with kids NOT in carseats...oh, and did I mention that the kids also get car sick very easily?!?
So, the thing to do here is go to the mall. There are more malls in Manila than I can count. But we have a favorite. It's called Greenbelt. It's kind of a weird mall. With the buildings all around and in the middle of them...some Koi ponds and fountains, etc. Anyway...we like it and the kiddos like it.
By the way...our house is ALWAYS crazy. But we really have been enjoying the kiddos lately. I mean...they're loud and often naughty...but they have been saying the funniest things.
For of the first things Asia said to me this AM was..."I had the craziest dream." She didn't tell me what is was....but it was crazy. :) are some pics of our day...Apparently, we missed taking pictures of feeding the fish!
Walking around...having a snack...huge carabao front of a Catholic Church right in the middle of the mall.'s Skye's turn for a snack...
Then, we had lunch... They have a Chili's at this mall...and they have the best service of any restuarant we've been to here in the Philippines. They brought Asia a tiara and the boys little cars to play with. Unfortunately, they were "out of stock" of, we couldn't have bottomless chips and salsa. So, we decided to try their calamari instead.
Which brings me to my next favorite thing Asia said today..."I LOVE calamari." BTW...the boys loved it too. What can I kiddos are quite the gourmets!
Here we are...Skye is having a little nap! We had a wonderful time and really yummy burgers! Which is a big deal here...because beef is really expensive....and normally, doesn't reallly taste like beef...if that makes any sense. We hadn't been to an American restuarant in 6 months!!!
Sometimes the kiddos ride like this...
And sometimes they walk like this...
They have fountains there...this is one of them....and YES, the kids got SOAKED! :) But they had a blast.
The boys love them some iced Americano! haha The kiddos played in the fountain...while Brian and I (and the boys) enjoyed some iced Americanos.
This is another one of the fountains.
When Leif saw this mannequin....he started yelling..."PRINCESS! PRINCESS!" No joke!
Another Leifism of the day..."GRASS! GRASS! GRASS!"
My poor boys have been living in the concrete jungle of Manila for the last 15 months...grass is really rare...and if they have you can're not allowed to walk on it. They are typical boys...they crave rocks, dirt, grass, trees, mud, etc!
Anyway...When we finally got home after a really crazy taxi ride...on which Brian who never gets carsick...started feeling queasy...(so, imagine how the rest of us felt)...we went swimming...and played outside for a bit.
The kiddos were EXHAUSTED! Hopefully, they sleep well tonight!

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