Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Are Still Alive

We are still alive...I haven't blogged since Skye was 2 days old. I almost feel bad... :)
I lost my helper about a week and a half after we brought our new little bundle of joy home. Brian went back to language study when Skye was 3 weeks old...and I went back when she was 4 weeks old. Brian studies 40+ hours a week and I do 30. On top of that, living here just takes sooo much longer. All our cooking needs to be done from scratch, etc. Oh, and did I mention that we have 3 preschoolers. :) Asia is 3 1/2 and the boys are 2. Skye is 4 months old tomorrow. They sure are fun...but they don't ever stop.
So, honestly...we are just trying to survive over here!
We get a break starting December 17th for a month. We are really looking forward to it...as we really need one. But, also, hopefully, we'll get our thank yous done...and a newsletter sent out...and be able to check some other things off our mile long "to do" list!

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Jia Le said...

Love the pictures! I don't think anyone expects any more of you than just doing the best with each day you have. For me that sometimes means just trying to get one healthy meal on the table for the day.... or maybe just one meal!

Love you guys a lot and think of you often.