Thursday, July 1, 2010


We try to keep Saturdays as our family day...finding fun things to do...and just spending time with the kiddos. Typically, that means making a big yummy breakfast that we don't normally have time to do during the week. Going for a swim in the AM. Lunch together...either leftovers or sometimes for extra special...we order pizza. Then, the kiddos have a nap... Asia has ballet class in the afternoon...normally, I (Brooke) just take her...because the boys are still sleeping. Brian hangs with the boys after they wake up...and normally that means taking them outside for them to run some energy off. Asia & I get home and it's time for supper. Then, baths and bedtime. Anyway...that's a regular Saturday for us.
On this particular Saturday...the boys were all in need of haircuts...
They hate to wear the they get hair all over them. Gross!
Then, we went for a swim!
On this Saturday...we decided that we'd all go to Asia's ballet class...since Daddy doesn't normally get to see her in class. So, we left home early and ate out.
Have to say this was one VERY proud moment for Brian & I... She's been "using" chopsticks for a long time...but finally really got the hang of it!
We've been able to just buy one meal for all three of the kids to share...but those days are apparently over for us...those boys sure do eat!
Yummy noodles that we all love!
Asia is really improving in her ballet class! By the way...they rock back & forth on their bellies...while holding their legs like that!

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