Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Wiggly Party

Well, Asia's 3rd birthday is coming up on Wednesday...and since we both have classes, etc...that day...we planned her party for Saturday. There are 16 students in language study at the same time as we invited all of them and their kids, our director and our teachers. Somewhere between 40 to 50 people. It was crazy but fun. You may be wondering why I am starting this post with a picture of an unfinished will soon see. Please take note of how nice and straight this cake is...
A finished cake...and with only slight leaning.

Still looking pretty...and straight.
And then...after about an hour...this began to happen. I believe this was caused by a combination of things...I used a deliciously moist but softer type cake... That in addition to the heat & humidity here...equals...DISASTER. Since I was preparing for the party long into the night...I considered waking Asia up at this she could see her cake...cuz I wasn't sure it would make it until morning.
Brian tried telling me that we were having a Wiggly, it was ok to have a Wiggly Cake too...but at 1 AM...and about 10 to 12 hours of cake wasn't very funny.
Asia dressed like Captain Feathersword & her wiggly cake.
Here we are, first thing in the made it through the rest of the night...just needed to go about 5 more hours.
The little Princess at the party...a friend gave her goggles for her birthday...and she was beyond thrilled!
Playing in the kiddie pool.
Swimming in the big pool.
A TON of pizza...thankfully here...they have these wonderful Buy1, Get1 cards...we had TONS of pizza leftover...but I knew I needed to give some to the guards and janitors here where we live, etc... So, some how...we only ended up with one pizza left for ourselves. We also served fresh veggies...and OF COURSE, fruit salad...YUMMY! YUMMY!
Sorry for the bad light...but there is the little Miss...chowing on her pizza...Yes, we were able to coax them out of the pool for a moment!
The little Miss with her birthday made it downstairs without falling...but we didn't know how long it would make it! :)
Some of the kiddos waiting to see if the cake was going to fall. haha It was looking pretty bad by this point!
Daddy and the Princess...with the disaster of a cake!
And believe it or actually, NEVER fell completely over...just leaned horribly bad. :)
Asia had to have the purple layer. :) there it is...I learned my lesson about trying to make a giant cake here in the tropics...but overall...I think everyone had a great time...
I know Asia did...and she was the one the party was for.
As always...there are loads more pictures on head over see them.


Shilo said...

Gabe says, "That's a yummy cake!!"
It is totally adorable, but sorry that happened to you! I think it's really cute and you could have just told people you did it that way on purpose! :)
Last pic of Asia is wonderful!

lscanlon said...

Hey that was a great job! Loved the cake and the kids had so much fun! Everyone looks healthy and safe! Love and miss you! Those boys are so BIG!