Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lately, Easter Break, Potty Training

Nothing too exciting to report...
Asia asked me to write: A is for Asia. So there it is. Lil Princess loves to color.
Chilling with my girl at an Indian restuarant that we like...even though it gives me horrible heartburn right now.
Silly boys playing in sisters room!
So, we had a great Easter...but we didn't take any pictures of the kids...I know we're horrible parents... But it could have something to do with potty training. Started potty training Asia last Thursday...and I have to say...It's going great. The first 2 days were brutal...but since then...it's been going awesome. So, hopefully, she won't regress once this baby is born. Anyway...The potty training made our Easter break...not like a break at all...but I know in the end...it will pay off...Literally, so we don't have 4 kids in diapers. haha
Anyway...trying to write this with Asia perched on my lap...so it probably doesn't make any sense.

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