Monday, September 28, 2009

Cultural Excursions

Before we begin language study, we get to do some cultural excursions around Manila to see various things.
Me with Leilani and Wendel waiting for the Ferry ride on the Pasig.
Leilani and I @ Fort Santiago.
Cheers...getting some water cuz it was really, really, hot and humid.
Us at the National Museum.
One of my favorite things I've seen so far. Pinoy Egg Burger.
Things you can get to eat at Pinoy Egg Burger. Deep Fried One Day Old Chicks. And Battered and Deep Fried Boiled Eggs.
Asia and Daddy at the meat market.
Yummy. This is where we got our meat to make adobo.
Asia enjoying some local fruit.
Getting ready to eat our adobo.

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