Tuesday, September 29, 2009

65% Chance of Rain

The forecast said 65% chance of rain. That 65% turned into the worst flooding in Manila in four decades.For the last two days we have been evacuating missionaries and NTM workers stranded by the flooding, and trying to clean up what's left of their homes.

Two of the women who work for NTM were trappeed on top of their houses, and watched as their neighborhoods were devastated by the two-story deep water. One of the ladies had about 100 of her neighbors with her on the roof.

A group of NTM missionaries tried all night with a 4-wheel drive and inflatable boat to rescue one of the women stuck with her children. They finally got to her and she and the children are ok.
This was right in front of where we are staying. The water was only up to the nozzles, so we had a lot less flooding than other areas. Thankfully the NTM Guest House is on high ground and was mostly undamaged.
That's our bank. It gives a new meaning to liquidity of assets.

Displaced people from one of the hardest-hit areas. Right next to them is an elementary school that has been turned into a refugee camp. Over 246 people have died and about 320,000 are in shelters. About 2 million people had their homes flooded.
Trash everywhere.
The trash is all through the electric wires, showing just how high the water was.
Some of the Faith Academy dorm kids who volunteered to help.
Many cars were entirely submerged. In one of the houses we helped clean today, the walls were covered with oil eight feet high, and there was several inches of mud on the floor.
Please pray for the many missionaries who have been affected by this flood. Pray also for the millions of Filipinos who have lost so much. It will take a long time to rebuild.


Shilo said...

The devastation is phenomenal. We are praying for you.
And I LOVE all the new pics of you guys on your cultural excursions and pics with Grammy...thanks for posting.
Hugs and miss you! Oh, and thank you for the new prayer card that came last week!

Michael said...

We are praying for you guys. Glad you arrived safely and are doing "well". All of us here at Antioch Church in Windsor,VA are praying for you and hope that this tragedy will open doors for the gospel. Grace and peace.
Michael Whitcomb